Free and Fun Winter Photography

Free and Fun Winter Photography


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Winter is almost here with its ice cold winds, frosty nights, freezing mornings and of course the constant numb toe feeling! But this is no reason to be terrified or to wrap up and hibernate in doors. Instead wrap up, grab your camera and have fun capturing some of the truly wonderful material winter weather brings us. Nowadays most of us have either a digital camera or a camera on our phones so luckily this free activity is accessible to everyone.

I am not a professional photographer; I think I would class myself as a borderline amateur photographer (I have never read my camera manual but I love taking photos). My point is anyone can do this, you don't have to worry about constantly using the correct methods and functions on your camera. Sometimes you learn things on your camera by mistake and it can be fun just experimenting. Here are some classic and unique winter scenes that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration:


Winter wouldn't be complete without a snow day, seeing everyday outdoor items covered in a blanket of snow automatically makes them ideal photographic material. Check out your garden or take a walk in your local park see what you find. If you are lucky to have enough snow and time to make a snow man or igloo then this could be an excellent subject for your photography. Why not get creative make something different and capture the moment, this could be a brilliant activity to take part in as a family or a group of friends.

Frozen Lakes and Ponds

The great thing about frozen water is the reflections it provides of the surrounding environment. How clean the water is will vary from place to place, for example in this photo the reflection is there but it is slightly murky. You could even take the photo from different sides of the pond experimenting with sunlight or even zoom up on leaves/twigs on the frozen water. All these little points add individuality to your photo, make it your own creation and be as artistic as you like.


Now this aspect of winter weather always reminds me of food, the frosting sometimes looks like icing on cakes and even certain flowers look like sugar craft modelling. Again the possibilities are endless you can take a picture from a distant to capture the whole scene or just focus on particular objects of interest. If you are particularly skilful (or fancy some experimenting) take a close up shot of the frost and try to capture the ice particles. Some cameras even have a macro shot feature or if you are lucky enough to own an SLR you could change to your macro lens and see how the picture comes out.


During the winter season sunny days are cherished, in terms of photography they can make things look really aesthetic. The way they fall on plants and trees and the colours they bring out is always unique making each photo different. Why not try capturing some animals and birds whilst they get their daily dose of vitamins D.

Once you have taken your photos there is so much you can do with them. If you have photo editing software such as Photoshop you could enhance the photos using this. Of course sharing photos with friends on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr is always great if you are looking for feedback. Checkout Instagram it's a perfect platform for sharing photos from your phone; you can use the different filters to give your photos a different finish and it's free.

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