Free Audiobooks

Free Audiobooks


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How to listen to audiobooks for free

You may not be aware but members of Gold Coast libraries enjoy free access to audiobooks, where you can listen to a huge range of content, absolutely free. If you are paying for a subscription based audiobook service then read on.

I never thought I'd be enticed away from the pleasure of reading a "real" book but have to say, I am now converted to the treat of being read to. For me, audiobooks come into their own when you are on the move, whether driving to and from work, taking longer journeys, walking or doing chores, like sitting on a ride on mower. An endless supply of eAudiobooks can be accessed through 3 apps - namely Borrow Box , Libby and Cloud Library , that you sign into with your library membership number. Download the apps for free and listen for free - no more paying to listen. I find using my phone most convenient as I can bluetooth the books to my car stereo system or enjoy with headphones when travelling. Note that the library's collection also contains Audiobook CD's for those who prefer playing CD's and MP3's, which many older library users are grateful to discover, as their eyesight regresses.

Accessing the audiobooks is simple. First, join your local library - there are 12 locations on the Gold Coast where you can do this, from Coolangatta library in the south to Ormeau in the north. Full membership is free to Gold Coasters. If you can't get to a location, you can join up for a temporary online-only membership, which will give you access to eAudiobooks (plus more digital resources). Visitors are also welcome to sign up for temporary memberships. When you join you will receive a membership number and a pin and you use these to sign into the apps.

Once you have membership details, simply go to the App Store or Google Play - wherever you access your apps - and download 1, 2 or all 3 of the Apps mentioned above. Having 3 gives you access to more variety. Think of it like being able to visit 3 different bookshops - some titles will be available in all 3, others may only be offered in 1 or 2. Pop in your details and you are good to go. It's that simple.

Now you can search for a title, a favourite author, using key words, check out genres, categories and featured books and much more. The range of content available across the different apps, is fantastic.

eAudiobooks is just one of many offerings available to Gold Coast library members. Pop in to any branch to see what it offers. If you have not visited a library in years, I can guarantee you will be amazed at what the collection contains - and it's not just books - there's Music CDs, Music Scores, Movie & TV Series DVDs, Magazines and Newspapers to name but a few. There are also engaging spaces for study and work, the children's programming is awesome and there are #tr_header ">events such as author talks in the evenings, book clubs and writers workshops. There are even kiosks too where you can borrow and return books. This library service looks very different to the one you may remember when growing up.

So pop in to your local library and get listening to books. The excuse that there is no time to read, is no longer an option.

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