Frederica Falls, Lawson

Frederica Falls, Lawson


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On your next visit to the spectacular Blue Mountains, consider Frederica Falls in Lawson, a delightful, readily accessible bush escape.

Frederica falls is a ridiculously cute waterfall, which empties into a natural swimming hole. It's a fantastic little spot for an afternoon picnic. Find yourself lazing on a rock, lost in the latest John Green book. You might prefer dangling your feet in the water, hypnotised by the trickle of flowing water.

Be immersed in the distant shrill of rosellas and the drawn out whistle of lyre birds replacing the constant hum of Sydney traffic. The scent of eucalyptus trees filling the air. It's places like this that remind you why the Blue Mountains are so unique.

[SECTION]Who is it Best Suited to?[/SECTION]
Walking less touristy trails, it's nice to know you wont get lost. The walk is a fire trail, wide enough to fit a fire truck so it's near impossible to accidentally wander off on a tangent pathway. Both ends are suburban so eventually you'll end up in civilisation.

The walk to Frederica Falls is accessible via either Queens Road or San Jose Avenue in Lawson. Depending on which route you take, it's up to a 3km round trip. It's classed as medium grade due to steep sections and takes approximately 30-40 minutes one way from either end. Allow 2 hours for a return trip. It forms part of the longer Dantes Glen/Empire Pass track but is equally enjoyable on it's own. Mountain bikers would also enjoy this track. See map for further information.

Dantes Glen is another beautiful little retreat where you'll find rainforest, creeks and waterfalls. It can be accessed via St Bernards Drive, adjacent to Lawson Public Swimming Pool.

[SECTION]How to Get There[/SECTION]
Coming from Sydney, the Queens Road turnoff for Frederica Falls is just over an hour from the start of the M4 Motorway. Drive to the end of Queens road until you hit dirt track. You will see a road sign about 50 metres on the left at the barrier gate indicating the direction of travel. Follow the fire trail until you hit the falls. The fire trail joining San Jose Avenue & Queens Road would be suitable for mountain bikers and you can loop back to the start via Badgery Crescent.

If you're catching the train, the San Jose Avenue entrance is closest to Lawson Station. Exit the right hand side of the station (north). Turn right on Loftus Street. The second hand shop is on the corner of San Jose Avenue. At the end of San Jose Avenue is the start of the fire trail.

There is a third trail from Hughes Avenue, however the path is less clear and is quite overgrown. It is often muddy and swampy even without recent rain. Only recommended for experienced hikers.

If you fancy a refreshment after your walk, then head to the recently renovated Lawson township (which was moved south to expand the highway). Here you'll find something to please everyone from cafe's to pub fare to pies, Thai, pizza and takeaway.

As for any walk, always be prepared as the weather can change rapidly and notify someone of your plans.

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