Fraser Street, Glen Waverley

Fraser Street, Glen Waverley


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Fraser Street in Glen Waverley (Melway map 71 G.6.) is an 800-metre straight, flat street. When developed for housing, the blocks of the day were large by today's standard. About 90% of the current houses are two-story units, taking advantage of the large blocks. The remaining 10% appear to be the original cream brick veneer structures.

It is an easy walk with a myriad of flowers for your visual enjoyment. Many gardens featured roses of several colours and varieties. One gardener seeing me photographing his roses invited me to “smell the red one”. I did and was rewarded with a real rose aroma.

Several azaleas were growing in many gardens giving a splash of colour on this small shrub.

Many hebe bushes were in flower. There are over ninety species in the hebe family.

A bougainvillea bush, tall enough to be a tree had a splendid display of red flowers, visible from many blocks away.

A few walkers were about, most seemingly on a mission to get somewhere rather than just a stroll. The exception being one with his dog.

We pass two unnamed parks, opposite each other. The larger one has a park bench with the smaller one a playground.

The only bird seen was a lone noisy miner which perched fleetingly on overhead power line. Apart from a few bees, the only other wildlife seen was a cabbage moth landing briefly upon a plant.

Abelia bushes were well represented in many gardens with their numerous white and pink trumpet-like blooms.

An unusual sight these days was a suburban milk bar on a resident street. In days gone by, milk bars were everywhere with a big part of their trade being bread, milk, newspapers and cigarettes. Their demise started when all these products started being sold by petrol stations.

Some of the original houses and gardens had a palm tree in their front yard.

I spied a clump of plants that looked a little like lavender but wasn’t. They were identified as the Scaredy Cat Plant, which is a member of the lavender family and their aroma is said to scare and deter cats from a garden.

The only native plants seen were several flowering gum trees and a few grevilleas.

Few garden ornaments were evident. One garden featured two plant-filled wheelbarrows. Another had a birdbath as a pot holder and a decorated pot.

Two aeonium plants stood out against a white fence as did another escaping plant. A member of the acanthaceae family had also escaped.

A row of gazania flowers bordered a front fence with their colourful blooms. A daisy, gazania, fuchsia and a lily pilly tree were other flowers seen.

It was nice to see modern front fences complementing gardens.

If you can take your eyes off the McUnits, you can enjoy the floral treats that await you.

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