Frankensteins Laboratory Theatre Restaurant

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Posted 2015-02-13 by Lesley Mitchellfollow
When most people think of a Bali holiday, they think of the sun, sand, surf and perhaps warungs (eating houses) on the beach, surely monsters, zombies and the like are the furthest thing on your mind.

However, just for fun, there's a cool lab to eat a meal at - if you dare!

Arriving at Frankensteins Laboratory on Jalan Dunah Purna or Double 6 (66), you will be most likely beckoned in by all manner of ghouls, zombies and the undead.

Your kids will love it or be terrified, depending on their preference for the ghastly. Mine loved it.

The entire restaurant is decked out in spooky themes with booths containing skulls dangling eerily or gruesome sights.

For 50,000rp ($5) you or the kids can have your face painted with ghoulish designs or for 100,000 ($10) they will do full latex scarring and gashes that appear to have half your face, neck or jaw missing.

If you want the face painting / make up, get in early and take a number as there is usually a long waiting queue.

The menu is filled with ghastly named dishes; including bowls full of worms (spaghetti) or the alchemist burger (falafel).

Most meals are around 50,000-150,000 rupiah ($5-$10).

The drinks begin to get interesting once you move into the alcohol, where cocktails are served in IV bags on push around medical stands (150k / $15) and shots are served in large syringes.

At 8.30pm, the show begins with actors and dancers doing a pretty professional cabaret show, interspersed with bands and singers.

There's plenty of variety to keep you entertained, although ending at around 9.30pm (for the earliest show) it may be a little late for the tiny ones.

The Dancing Dead Zombie Cabaret - is on 7 Days a Week and promises a Cabaret that will raise the dead!

The entry to the show is free and is held 3 times a night.

At 7.30pm there is a Meet and Greet with the Zombies.

At 8.30pm, 9.30pm and 10.30pm they hold a Cabaret Show.

To accompany this there is a 6 piece live band - The Monsters, who play every night from 8.50pm - 3 sets every night.

They have a range of souvenirs you can purchase including pens that look like injections, even filled with green liquid (medicine).

For a family of 4 a night at Frankensteins (non alcoholic drinks only and one face painting), the meal and drinks cost us around 450,000 ($45) with no charge for the entertainment.

Leaving Frankensteins Laboratory by motorbike, we certainly got a few strange looks on the way home from our daughters eerie face and arriving back home she scared the living daylights out of our (superstitious) night security man.

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