Fork in Road Empowerment Sessions

Fork in Road Empowerment Sessions


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Are you absolutely living your best life? Do you think there could be more amazing experiences in store for you? Would you like to step above where you are and reach a much higher potential?

COVID-19 has hit a lot of people hard and there is more mental illness and distress than ever before in the community, however, the upside of this is that there is more support than ever before, both for mental illness and also just to make your life even more empowered. One of these amazing services is called Fork in Road counselling.

Run by Matthew Tait, Fork in Road offers some amazing services (which I have been privileged to have personally shared) both in group sessions and private sessions.

Using a variety of NLP techniques and anxiety release therapy, Matt seems to have an impressively large toolbox of skills to move you through any difficult times and also assist you to find an even better solution than the one you may currently be considering.

Whether you have anxiety or some difficulties in your life or you just would like to release the invisible ties that may be holding you back and attain your higher potential. Group and personal sessions with Matt can assist you to do all of this.

Through Fork in Road, Matt offers a variety of counselling and group therapy sessions from absolutely no cost, right through to private one-on-one sessions.

He is one of the most passionate people I have had the delight to know and completely committed to assisting you to have the best life you possibly can.

These are generally free or very low cost to reach out to as much of the community as possible. Generally, they take place via Zoom, so no matter where you live around the world, you will be able to join in on these group sessions. Some of them are filmed like the one below, so you can watch them at a convenient time, others are live events at predetermined times. If you would like a 1.5 hour group session to get a feel for what Matt offers, the link to the one I participated in is below in the image.

Whilst I love the group sessions, the private sessions is where I have personally found magic happens. All of my immediate family members have had sessions with Matt, all working on different topics.

In a private session, there will be a little bit of talking and background setup, then Matt will invite you to find (in a very peaceful manner) the areas that are holding you back at the moment. It is quite enlightening and amazing how things just seem to pop up and the answers almost magically appear, falling back into place, and for me, personally healing troubled pasts within an hour or two. I have had a few private sessions with Matt and all of them have been life-changing about how I view things in the past and provided positive solutions to moving forward in the most awakened, authentic manner.

Matt is primarily based around West Geelong, Victoria and a variety of in-person spaces are available for a private session. You can also take a private session via Zoom in your own home and I have found it to be almost as personal as if you were in the same room together.

Not to let money get in the way (absolutely free with no strings attached, truly, no on-sell takes place), you can watch Matt's YouTube videos or join in on a monthly group session via Zoom. (Scroll down for links)

Wanting everybody to be able to join in, Matt is about to offer a complimentary session to one lucky person that comments on his Facebook page every month. All you need to do is find the post about the free session, click like and make a comment underneath to tell him you are interested. At the end of the predetermined time, they will randomly select one person to receive this private one on one session at absolutely no cost. Make sure you "like" and click "get notifications" on his Facebook page to be in it.

To make sure that you work well together, Matt very generously offers a completely free, no-obligation initial consultation. You will not be pressured for time and you can have a chat and ask any questions you would like, whilst feeling supported to move forward with sessions if you would like to choose this path. In many places, your first 'get to know you' session is completely fully paid by yourself. Matt is so dedicated to his work and making sure that you get the best services possible, he waives this initial fee.

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You can find Matt's YouTube channel by clicking here

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To leave you with something infinitely personal and maybe a private insight into why Matt is so passionate about assisting others, here is a very intimate insight into his reasons why.

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