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Posted 2016-05-02 by Kirsty Wildefollow

When looking for a place to stay for the long weekend, I had three things in mind. The first was that it had to be far away from the city. The second was that it had to be in the most tranquil and beautiful setting possible (without blowing my savings). And thirdly, it had to have old style charm.

I hopped onto the web to check out what was available in the south-west, and came across the Forest Lodge, located in the heart of the Pemberton Karri forest. There were only a couple of photos available. It looked decent, clean, close to town, and nestled in the trees: a decent combination of factors, and the price was manageable. I had a hunch that booking here would be a good idea, and without much more research, I booked the room for my partner's and my anniversary weekend.

We made the 4 hour drive from Perth to Pemberton on a Friday afternoon. Traffic was minimal, and the long drive was made exceptionally better with the gorgeous scenery that welcomed us to the south-west.

As we approached the lodge, we turned down the gravel driveway and made our way up to the main reception house. As soon as we came into the grounds, we knew we'd hit the jackpot. Surrounded by beautiful trees, singing birds and that fabled old country charm, the Forest Lodge was exactly what it should be. Every part of this lodge had personality. The breakfast room was amazing, with wooden floors and furniture, a small fireplace, an impressive Roman style chess set, and a mischievous peacock that often strolled past the windows that overlooked the outdoor sitting area, gazebo and the lake.

Our lodge room was equipped with a kitchenette, heater, TV, a huge bed, electric blankets, and importantly, an amazingly large shower head that made you feel like you were showering under a waterfall.

There is no shortage of things to do in Pemberton if you love the outdoors.The next accommodation over (just a minute's drive down from the Forest Lodge) offered horse riding adventures which were definitely worthwhile. A short drive into town and you can stumble across quaint cafes and the delicious town bakery, Pemberton has so much to offer in terms of food, wine and adventure. There are multiple walking trails, tree climbing activities and horse riding locations, and if you aren't sure what activities are available for the day, head down to the town information centre and the lovely ladies there can help you out (and you might get a baby kangaroo cuddle too if you're lucky!)

All in all, if you are looking for a peaceful, romantic and scenic getaway, Pemberton is the place to be, and I can't recommend the Forest Lodge enough.

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