Foreign Correspondents Club

Foreign Correspondents Club


Posted 2014-04-08 by Ann Lundfollow
A trip to Phnom Penh is not complete without a stop over at the Foreign Correspondence Club (FCC) on Sisowath Quay Phnom Penh. This iconic bar gains its fame for being the location where journalists filed the news of Pol Pot's final stand in the jungle way back when. The FCC with its classic yellow walls, heavy wooden ceiling fans and decor from the time is an expanse of comfortable chairs and tables, balcony seating and an upstairs rooftop terrace. Busy during any day and heaving often on weekends and night times.

The FCC is open everyday from around 7am until late. Happy hours, which are very happy given the cheap price of Angkor beer icy cold straight from the tap, is from 5-7pm daily.

The service is wonderful and after many a visit you'll come to understand that the staff have worked at the FCC for years and will soon come to know your face and treat you as a local, even if you are just passing through.

The menu is extensive, so there is something for everyone and service is fast. My favourite is the selection of tapas dishes with salt and pepper squid being a particular favourite. And the woodfired pizza oven services the long list of gourmet, vegetarian and meat lover pizza options. Drink options do not stop with beer. Ask for any cocktail and its likely they can make it for you.

Everyone knows where the FCC is in Phnom Penh and the local available transportation of moto taxi (moto) and tuk tuk will take you right to the door. Well, to the large wooden staircase at street level that takes you up to the first floor bar. Fresco cafe sits on the ground floor under the stairs for those coffee cravings.

From the balcony the views are the best in Phnom Penh. To the east you see the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers and to the west you can catch views of the National Museum and the Royal Palace. Peer a little further out the east balcony and you'll catch a glimpse of Wat Phnom and the Japanese Bridge. Accommodation is also available at the FCC with 9 guest rooms on the premises.

For new visitors to Phnom Penh take care when leaving the FCC as the prospective moto and tuk tuk drivers can sometimes become a bit persistent looking for your fare, and there may be people asking for change. If you don't feel inclined a simple smile, sorry and a shake of the head will ensure they understand. Keep your phones, cameras and wallets out of sight and you will be fine.

The Foreign Correspondence Club is at 363 Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh and accommodation bookings can be made by calling 85523724014.

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