For Girls Who Walk Through Fire - Book Review

For Girls Who Walk Through Fire - Book Review


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Each week, Elliott attends a support group for teenage girls who are survivors of sexual assault. To her frustration, all the group does is talk. Elliott wants action. She wants justice. When she stumbles across a mysterious book amongst her late mother's belongings, she sees an opportunity to get justice not only for herself but for all the girls in the group, using witchcraft. She forms a small coven of like-minded girls who set about hexing their unrepentant attackers. However, their actions may have consequences more far-reaching than they expected.

For Girls Who Walk Through Fire is a powerful young adult urban fantasy novel that explores ideas about trauma, grief, revenge, and friendship.

The plot reminded me of the film The Craft, and even more so its sequel The Craft Legacy, since it's about young witches taking back their power. At times I found it a little off-putting when the characters made decisions I personally wouldn't, like casting a spell without knowing in advance what it does, but making some questionable decisions just makes them seem more authentic as teenage characters.

It would be fun to create a playlist based on Elliott's personal soundtrack of 90's jams (Bikini Kill, Björk, Hole etc.) which are mentioned throughout her narration. This, along with her style of clothing, is an ever present reminder of how she is holding on to her late mother's memory, and how her grief has had an impact on every aspect of her life, including her decision not to tell her father about her assault.

I really liked DeRose's writing style. I found this book hard to put down, so much so that I sat down to read it after lunch and when I finally looked up after "just one more chapter", the sun had gone down outside.

For Girls Who Walk Through Fire is a tough read at times, but also empowering and beautiful. I will be looking out for future books by Kim DeRose.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of this book by Union Square & Co., via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Published: September 2023

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