For Both Resting and Breeding - Adelaide Fringe Review

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Posted 2020-03-02 by Jonathon Tonkinfollow

Tue 18 Feb 2020 - Sun 01 Mar 2020

For Resting and Breeding broaches themes of humanity, gender politics, trans-humanism and futurism. Writer Adam Meisner has created a future outlook where all identity is wiped away and shows us what can happen if we look back.

For Resting and Breeding is set in the year 2150. Gender and identity have been erased and all humans now go by Ish. Following two historians and a group of volunteers as they look to restore a Millennial house from 1999 for an exhibition. Things start to unravel as the parties delve into their past counterparts and they reenact Millennial culture.

Using this theme and story, director Brandon Crone has achieved a novel concept. Attendees are driven to a secret location which happens to be a modern style open plan townhouse. Considering the setting, as soon as a guest walks into the venue they are now within the set and are a part of it. This imparts a sense of realism into a play which is set far into the future. From there the actors behave as if the actual house you are in is an ancient relic. It makes for an altogether immersive experience and builds a world for you to get lost in.

The actors themselves play Ish (Maja Ardal), Ish (Richard Lam), Ish (Jamie McRoberts), Ish (Amy Keating) and Ish (Alexander Thomas). Despite being set to look as similar as possible each actor brings their own quirks a personality slowly to each scene to develop characters. What begins as intentionally robotic and cold grows into five vivid and personable characters.

For Resting and Breeding is experimental theatre which is perfect for its subject matter. By meshing a futuristic theme and setting into an everyday townhouse it perfectly brings together the ideas of past and future. As per my previous review for Tales of an Urban Indian , Talk is Free Theatre continues to bring innovative and offbeat stories to our shores that need to be heard. Part of their Canada Capsule series, I would say this has been a huge success and am looking forward to what is to come in future.

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