Richmond Food Truck Park

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Posted 2015-05-17 by Nadine Cresswell-Myattfollow

Wed 13 May 2015 - Sun 14 Jun 2015

UPDATED: THE RICHMOND FOOD TRUCK PARK ADDITIONAL 2 WEEK EXTENSION Due to the resounding success of the Richmond - Food Truck Park - Pop Up over the last three weeks and due to popular demand, the Food Truck Park will be extending its stay at 110 Church St, Richmond for 2 extra weeks, now ending Sunday 14 June 2015.

In the shadow of Richmond's high rise commission flats, (which as an aside have some of the best views in Melbourne) the food trucks are coming.

It is like those fine towers are towing them in.

They will be there for lunch and dinner all through May. A whole fleet of them. Street food galore!

Anyone who has been to the food truck park at Coburg Drive-in will know the routine.

Rug up and eat out. Wrap your lips around some great winter food.

They usually have outside heaters and the comfort food will soon warm you up.

The trucks form a circle and there are picnic tables in the middle, so there is a great sense of fun and camaraderie.

Can't tell you what vendors will be there because it is going to be a changing array. But rumours are flying that Mr Burger will be rolling along as well as Dude Food Man and Pappa Pita.

But one thing's for sure. The food will be great and how fantastic to pin down a whole possibility of these food options. Because the thing normally about food trucks is that you can never be quite be sure where they will pop up next.

Knowing they will be in Richmond in May solves that vexing question.

And this is real food with lots of healthy foods as well as chances to indulge your winter whims.

The food truck park will be running in sets. It operated from Wednesday through till Sunday, each week from the 13th until the 31st May.

You can have lunch 12.30pm until 2.30pm, and dinner from 5.30pm until 8.30pm.

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