The Food Truck Hub at the Valley

The Food Truck Hub at the Valley


Posted 2017-05-28 by Tony Dyerfollow

Last Friday I was invited to take a look at Brisbane's latest eating sensation, the Food Truck Hub at the corner of Ann and Chester Streets, Fortitude Valley. The venue, serving from 6.00pm until 9.00pm every Friday night is filled with at least six food trucks (five savouries and a desert) and a bar in a synergistic configuration set up to meet your every munching and imbibing need.

The Food Truck Hub is the brainchild of the Food Truck Collective Brisbane . The collective is comprised of:
  • The King of Wings ;
  • The Bone Lorry ;
  • Pizzantica ;
  • Mi Casa ;
  • That BBQ Joint ; and
  • Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van .

  • On the night I was there Bruce the Foodtruck had subbed in for Ruby who was required elsewhere and, believe me because I have undeniable proof, the venue's standards were not compromised!

    In addition to these fabulous nosh-up trucks the Hub has invited the Newstead Brewing Co. to join in. This collaboration is actually a win-win-win arrangement. Not only does the Newstead Brewing Co. complete the Hub's dining selections, meet the needs of thirsty diners and, in a third win, it also helps a very vulnerable section of our community.

    The Newstead Brewing Co has introduced extended trading hours and a bar to the Food Truck Hub and serves some of Brisbane's best craft brew, ciders and wines. At the end of the evening all the proceeds are passed on to Foodbank Queensland Ltd to help their amazing cause in hunger relief.

    Foodbank Queensland Ltd. is part of Foodbank Australia which, last year alone, provided enough food for over 60 million meals. Foodbank is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation that has set itself up as a pantry to the charities and community groups feeding the hungry.

    I told you this was a win-win-win; the Food Truck Hub wins because it now provides the complete eating experience, you win because you enjoy the complete eating experience and all the community wins because the less fortunate now have the chance to have a more complete eating experience – and you helped them; that's got to make you feel good!

    Just knowing this should be enough to get you along of a Friday evening but here's a little more incentive.

    My night started at Newstead Brewing Co with a very tasty beer I can strongly recommend. This really has to be the best way to help the needy among us.

    Then it was on to Mi Casa where my darling daughter tried out the Nacho Cheese Fries – they now come fully recommended. I must say, the rest of the menu looked just as good but we had to pace ourselves.

    Next we met the lovely people at That BBQ Joint and I indulged in the Mixed Meat and Salad consisting of brisket and pulled pork separated by some delicious potato and bacon salad – extra nice.

    Then I spoke with the wonderful lady who takes very good care of Bruce The Foodtruck. It's here you can get the most sensational cronuts. For those of you, like me, who don't know what a cronut is; all I can say is try one of Bruce's! I had a Mars (as in Bar) and my daughter had a Lemon and Coconut. Each has a syringe to squirt in the syrup that comes with the cronut and a huge dollop of ice cream is piled on top.

    I must warn you though – don't give up your seat to go and get your cronut. Send out a runner to Bruce the Foodtruck and get them to bring the goodies back. It is almost impossible to eat one of Bruce's cronuts standing up – spoken with experience.

    Next stop on the night was at Pizzantica. Being a total adherent to pizza I was looking forward to this visit. Unfortunately, by then even I had to admit defeat; I could not contemplate any more food on the night.

    Let me say this though, I saw and I smelt the pizzas coming out of the oven and it will be to this truck I shall beat a path on my next visit.

    Next door I dropped in and had a chat at The Bone Lorry. Even with a fully sated appetite, my conversation was completely overpowered by the aromas emanating from the truck. I had to hold onto the counter so I didn't float right over into the ovens. This is definitely not a place you will find any vegans!

    Finally I made it to The King of Wings. The smells and tastes coming out of here was mindblowing. I just couldn't pass them by so we took home a selection of wings for Ron!

    'Fantastic' comes to mind when I think of these wings. 'Wow' comes to mind when I think of the chilli wings.

    Set a time next Friday to go and try it out. Also, set a time for follow-up trips as you can't eat everything you want on one night. I'm going back and so is my daughter. We both saw so much we want to try but even a 'man of the tooth' such as myself can only eat so much. Anybody could walk around the Truck Hub and get a filling and fabulous meal for $20 without any trouble. And, with your change, look out for the Foodbank donation bucket to save your pockets from coin damage.

    The other thing to know is most of the trucks only accept cash so, don't be like my daughter and only have your cards with you (of course she then had to get me to pay; smart thinking!)

    And remember, by responsibly drinking a few of your favourite tipples during your visit you will be helping The Foodbank Queensland help our community – that's got to make you feel good!

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