Food Japan 2016

Food Japan 2016


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Thu 27 Oct 2016 - Sat 29 Oct 2016

Food Japan is back for its 5th edition of the regional F&B showcase. Its focus are on three key areas: Health, Innovation, and Productivity. It's formerly known as Oishii Japan.

Here are our top 10 reasons to visit it:

Over 1000 Japanese Products
Half of it are new products that will be showcased here for the first time. Expect to see processed food, frozen seafood, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, knives, tableware, machinery and equipment.

Exhibitors from 40 Prefectures in Japan
Representatives from 40 out of 47 prefectures in Japan are participating in this expo. That means you get to see a wide range of Japanese products without stepping into Japan.

Meet and Learn from the Experts
Eight curated sessions are open only to trade visitors. Industry experts from Japan and Singapore will conduct the sessions on food preparation, techniques and utilising cooking equipment.

The guest speakers from Japan are an award-winning Knife Master Kiyoshi Matsuo, Wa-shoku Chef Kazuki Kondo, Nobuyuki Hayashi (Fuji Machinery Co., Ltd) and a Miso Master (Marukome).

Local-based speakers are Chef Kenjiro Hashida (Hashida Sushi), Chef Akane Eno (Dashi Master Marusaya), Chef Herman Tan (Samsui Group of Restaurant), Chef Joe (99 Bistro and Kitchen), and Chef Jeremy Nguee (Preparazzi).

This series is supported by e2i (Employment and Employability Institute). Find the schedule here .

Showcase of Umami
A range of processed meats and seafood are available at the fair. An interesting food item is Premium Tiger Fugu Raw Ham "Kiwami". It's processed without any artificial additives.

Kamenote is a luxury seafood delicacy of shellfish. It tastes like a shrimp and a crab. It is boiled with salt before being vacuum packed.

Showcase of the Finest Agricultural Products
Rice and grains, takko no kuro (black garlic), taro (yam), shimeiji mushroom, and satsuma are among fresh produces on displays.

Jewellery Peaches are the finest produce from Yamanashi where Mount Fuji is located. It is sweet and juicy.

Showcase of Unique Products
Be mesmerised by unique finds at this expo. Sakura tea scoop is one interesting item which will make its debut at the fair.

Showcase of Productivity and Innovative Technology
A handful of companies will showcase their products including POS, packaging machines, and cooking oil filter machines.

"VegeLEDS" is a new age lighting solution for hydroponic culture developed by Bluewave Technologies Co Ltd in collaboration with Yamaguchi University. Vegetables could grow up to 3 times faster than the conventional ways.

Showcase of Healthy Products
Japan is also well-known for its high quality and organic products. Healthy products make an appearance too. This made-in Japan organic brown rice drink is sweet naturally without any added sugar. It's good for a quick and light drink for breakfast or tea-break. It could be mixed with milk or soy milk too.

Learn from Ros Lee on how to create miniature Teishoku using stone clay and paints. If you like cooking, join Angelia Lau in making Temari Zushi and Matcha Tiramisu. Both workshops will be held on 29 October.

Free Entry to the Exhibition
The exhibition opens to public on 29 October. Collect 3 stamps from participating restaurants and present the completed pass at the registration counter on 29 October. It will entitle you to a pair of complimentary entry tickets. Check here for the list of participating restaurants.

Alternatively, you could purchase your ticket here . Children below 12 years old could enter for free.

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