Foodbomb Now Delivering to Homes

Foodbomb Now Delivering to Homes


Posted 2020-04-02 by Nadine Cresswell-Myattfollow

Getting food in if you are self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic is an obstacle for many of us. I spent an hour online selecting all my items for a supermarket delivery, only to find that I went to pay they were not taking online orders. Then when you turn to other delivery sources, they are refusing to take on new customers as they are inundated.

So much for keeping us at home. So I was excited to learn about Foodbomb. This is a great example of the hospitality industry adapting to cafes and restaurants being shut for the foreseeable future. This doesn't just impact on owners and hospitality staff but has repercussions right down the food chain, including wholesale suppliers and primary producers.

Foodbomb is a hospitality wholesale supplier platform that normally provides the great food you find in your favourite cafes and restaurants but has now changed to delivering to households.

The free delivery service is available in Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas.

Foodbomb aggregates over 100 food suppliers into a one-stop-shop, providing meat, seafood, dairy, cleaning products, alcohol, packaging, and non-perishables.

Here are the categories on offer.

There are a few things going for this site.

- Wholesale prices (as a savvy shopper I could see that the prices were excellent).
- Wide variety.
- Delivery is free as long as the minimum order is reached.
- You can regain those things you may have been missing from your local cafe such as hollandaise sauce and interesting herbs.
- If you are doing a lot of cooking at home, then some of the suppliers are offering pre-cut items like onions and potatoes. The shortcuts that chefs normally count on.
- In restaurants, sanitation is important (as it is in our homes right now) so on the site, you can purchase things like rubber gloves and anti-bacterial handwash.

Things to watch out for

There will be a minimum spend, so you will need to shop strategically. That idea of shopping for the coming weeks is important here.

Why this is helpful to primary producers and some industries right now.

As Domenic Currao, Managing Director of J&D Provodores says "None of us have ever experienced this week. Being able to divert some of our sales directly to households is taking some pressure off and helping to support our local farmers and producers who are already experiencing a rough time with the drought. Turning the tap off to venues, whilst necessary, doesn't just hurt the venues but the rest of the supply chain as well."

An early review from a shopper As one new customer Tara Cronan (Willoughby), said after placing her first order "I went online last night because I don't wish to be physically heading to the grocery store, and delivery times haven't been available in our area. There are minimum orders to make through Foodbomb but I quickly realised if I was strategic about what I ordered then not only was it easy and quick delivery, it will actually save us money."

Tara continues "I was able to buy meat in bulk that I have portioned and put in the freezer, and all of our normal canned goods, rice, flour, pasta and so forth. Then I found the fresh produce and dairy supplier that had a low minimum order for the items that won't last as long as the non-perishables. I recommend dividing up your shopping list into three main categories; meat/seafood, non-perishables and then fresh produce/dairy/bakery. Chipping in and splitting an order with neighbours or family would also be really easy on Foodbomb. Once all of this is over I'll still be using Foodbomb, it is just so easy and stress-free."


There are quite a few potted herbs on offer and these might be good to have in the kitchen at present.
Stock up and freeze some of things you keep having to go out to replenish at the supermarket such as meat, milk and bread.
If you can buy bulk meat freeze it and there are things like bones that you can make stock with.
Perhaps you can buy what you need but also disperse some of what you buy to elderly parents or neighbours who are struggling to get out for their shopping.
There might be some food in there that will double as food you might consider giving to pets. Bulk mince as an example.
How to set up an account

To create a free household customer account go to and register your email. Ordering is easy. Enter your postcode when you login and you will see if delivery is available in your area.

I just signed up and noticed they are giving new customers 10% off on their first two deliveries at the moment.

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