Flute Cafe on Cavendish

Flute Cafe on Cavendish


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Going out for a gourmet breakfast on Brisbane's southside on a Saturday morning isn't always as easy as you might hope. It seems at some of the most popular spots - be it Lady Marmalade , The Gun Shop Cafe or the Egg Bistro you'll have scores of hungry breakfast goers all with the same idea. Unless you make a booking you might find you'll have to line up among with huge crowds and fight over a table. I don't know about you but contending with other people is the last thing I feel like doing when after a lazy, hassle free breakfast.

I'd been recommended Flute Cafe by a friend who also lives in the area, and despite being on our doorstep, you'd be forgiven for completely overlooking it's unassuming location among the small group of shops along busy Cavendish Road.

Our first breakfast attempt showing up at Flute at around 9am was a complete fail with hordes of people lining up out the door, so I knew this place was obviously popular for a reason.

But we vowed to return and that we did, albeit this time at the much earlier time of 7am, where we seated easily and quickly in the covered alfresco area, which was complete with ambient lighting and to my surprise, air conditioning. The exterior of this place doesn't stand out in particular, but with the white samosa-shaped lamp coverings and coffee and cream coloured decor, the interior demands that you take notice.

The problem being at 7am, I was still bleary-eyed, and had not yet began to feel even the slightest bit hungry despite trying to kick my appetite into gear for this sophisticated and popular brekky joint. Obviously I needed coffee and quickly.

When our coffees came, I was delighted to see the size of my caramel latte, and although unfortunately the caramel flavour was virtually non-existent, the bite sized chocolate pieces on the side to eat or leave to melt in the jumbo coffee certainly helped make up for it.

Instead of the now unimaginative usual 'gourmet' breakfast fare of poached eggs benedict with salmon on turkish, Flute manages to revolutionise the 'gourmet breakfast' scene with a whole range of imaginative and bold breakfast offerings. And despite still not being completely hungry it was the description of the 'Little Greek Breakfast' ($22) that made my taste buds and stomach growl to life.

When the lamb koftas, olives, haloumi, poached eggs with cucumber tzatziki and pita bread arrived before me my reaction was nothing short of overwhelmed. A 'little' Greek breakfast this certainly was not. It looked amazing with the assortment of dishes and condiments but deciding where to start was another matter, and how to wrap the variety of foods in the pita was somewhat of a challenge.

The homemade tzatziki was chunky and rich and was garnished with an elegant cucumber spiral, while the eggs and haloumi were perfectly cooked. Despite being of good quality, the rissole-like kofta's were a bit difficult for me to stomach at that time of the morning, however for a later breakfast or to fend of a hangover this rich and hearty breakfast choice would be a sure winner.

I even heard the people who had just arrived at the table next to me commenting about my Little Greek Breakfast and how great it looked, so I was not surprised when I heard two of the adjacent diners also order this popular choice. If this is considered Flute's signature breakfast dish, then it is definitely a good choice.

My dining partner's 'Simple Fare Bacon & Eggs' was anything but simple, and put a fresh twist on this standard breakfast choice with the maple glazed bacon and spiced tomato jam. At $16 this choice was also highly recommended and too large to finish.

Flute is definitely making south-side breakfast goers take notice for its adventurous and exceptional quality foods. I can honestly say it's one of the best breakfasts I've had for a long time.Special mention also must be made of the classy decor and friendly immaculately presented staff who were eager to hear about our morning and our thoughts on the food.

For Brisbane breakfasters, Flute is a welcome alternative to the tried and tested cafe precincts of Bulimba and Southbank and may make some of the more well-known breaky joints pay attention with its unique and truly gourmet breakfast menu. A low profile it has, but a high recommendation it gets from me.

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