'Flotsam' at Four Doors Plus One

'Flotsam' at Four Doors Plus One


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Wed 08 Jan 2014 - Thu 30 Jan 2014

Kat Coppock is an emerging Adelaide artist and curator whose popular art exhibitions have featured regularly on Weekend Notes.

The first exhibition of Kat's that I wrote about was the flamboyant Feathers at Format Gallery , followed by the eerie Tetratologists Inc at Ladybeads, and then the provocative Male; Real/Ideal Art Exhibition at The Mill.

All of these involved Kat bringing large and disparate groups of artists together to produce the exhibitions, while the forthcoming Bike Art Adelaide Festiva l sees Kat contributing as part of the BAA team.

Flotsam is Kat's third solo exhibition in as many years, and allows her to channel her energies fully into her work without the distraction of interaction with fellow artists. It charts her artistic journey since leaving university in surrealist imagery using a variety of media.

"The creative mind is a strange and complex place. A stream of information and ideas constantly flows through us, and unable to process it all the brain tucks it away until it can." she says. "This later manifests in dreams and thoughtful tangents, which I use for inspiration. The sketch book is never far away!"

Flotsam is being held at trendy new Adelaide wine and tapas bar Four Doors Plus One , one of a new generation of places that are bringing an improved vibe to a somewhat tired Hindley Street. For years it has been largely filled with a clich├ęd collection of clubs, but the large student population nearby has seen some welcome changes in business emphasis on the street.

The location of this free exhibition is perfect, allowing visitors to stimulate themselves visually with Kat's chaotic creations while sating their oral appetite with tempting tapas treats such as Chorizo grilled with pimento and pineapple salsa or unpretentious pulled pork sliders.

Flotsam isn't the first collection of art to decorate the emerald green walls of Four Doors Plus One, but it will attract many more people to visit this Hindley hole-in-the-wall. Like the architectural treasure of West's Coffee Palace down the road, it will demonstrate that there are hidden gems to be found in this sometimes seedy street.

Go on, take a look. As Kat says "Colourful, expressive, and more than a little strange, this is a peek into the mind of one of Adelaide's up-and-coming heavy hitters. You may just find something of yourself within!"

For more about Kat Coppock and her latest free exhibition, see her Facebook artist's page and the event page for the exhibition.

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