Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy


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If you visit Gardens by the Bay, then you're most likely to see at a minimum the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Supertrees but there's a hidden gem that is a must-see, promising a whimsical escape.

is its name and it may be a smaller dome than the others but it is an enchanting world where nature, artistry and technology come together to create a special kind of magic. A myriad of live plants, cut flowers and preserved flowers provide a cascade of colourful hanging blossoms, creative dried arrangements and sculpted items.

The meandering path is an easy wander through diverse garden landscapes with seats conveniently spaced along the way for you to rest and take in the beauty. You'll come across floral-decorated peacocks and zebras before meeting Nobu, the garden guardian who watches over his plants. The calming sounds of the bubbling brook and the delicate fuschias hanging overhead are a joy and, if you look close enough, you may even find Nobu's 9 fairy friends hiding among the flowers.

Moving further along and you'll be upon a rain oasis where waterfalls like curtains amidst the greenery and florals of a cascading rockscape. In this area you'll also see a bronze lion-headed fish statue, that tells the tale of Merlion, and a vivarium of poison dart frogs.

The final landscape is a cave-like space ringed with terraced rock formations where you'll encounter over 50 species of interesting plants that hail from Central and South America, together with begonias and orchids highlighted with soft lighting.

An attraction within is the Fantasy Theatre - 'Flight of the Dragonfly' 4D Ride. It's an immersive experience taking you on a simulated flight around Gardens by the Bay through the eyes of a dragonfly. Unfortunately, it was closed during my visit due to Covid restrictions but it certainly sounds like it would be a great overview of the expansive area of the gardens giving you a map of all there is to see.

Of all that I saw at Gardens by the Bay, was my favourite experience and on exiting through the gift shop you find yourself amongst even more beauty. Attracting my attention were some very unique artworks involving paintings with crocheted flowers attached and an artist working on creating a sculpted butterfly piece.

A lot of work from a talented bunch of people has made this 'fantasy' something to behold. It is certainly an impressive and surreal area with so much to love that it will have you kicking yourself if you miss it. The map below shows the dome of on the left, across from the floating baby sculpture, and next to Bayfront Plaza.

Instead of entering through the main entrance on the other side of Gardens by the Bay, catch the train to the Bayfront MRT station which is conveniently located right next to the entrance of . Alternatively, there is parking available in the Bayfront Plaza Carpark.

Tickets start from $5 per child and $10 per adult for this wonderfully created world and you can get them here , along with opening hours and further important information.

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