The Floating Land Festival

The Floating Land Festival


Posted 2013-06-04 by Loni Joyfollow

Fri 31 May 2013 - Sun 09 Jun 2013

The Floating Land is a 10 day festival held at Boreen Point, just north of Tewantin and Noosa. And it's on now. So, If you like arty/crafty events or simply enjoy the peaceful ambiance of Boreen Point, why not check it out?

There were lots of folk joining in on the many diverse workshops.

I met Brent Miller, an indigenous man who made a really cool bark canoe – out of swamp mahogany.

Apparently you have to wait for the right season when the tree's are flowering to harvest the bark. He told me that when you fold the bark over the edge of the canoe - you seal the edges with tree sap.

It took Brent 2 days to make this little canoe and he explained that mahogany bark has high level of being seaworthy as it doesn't warp when wet/dry.

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Brent said, on the other side of the lake, one could see old scar's on the tree's where the bark's been 'harvested' for hundreds of canoes that had been built a long time ago. Although photo's have never been found to substantiate this, notes from diaries of early explorer's explained how these canoe's were made.

This was definately worth while making time to visit this festival. Relaxing, informative, highly creative and live musical duo's to boot!

I loved this idea - hop on your bike and ride to make your blender go. Wouldn't this be a great idea - if only we all had to ride a bike to get our TV's going - how fit would we all be.

There's still plenty of time to check out this festival - it ends on the 9th June 2013. Take a picnic or something to nibble on as although there was a tent set up selling coffee, the nearest eaterie is the Apolonian Pub, which is just down the road and well worth a visit!

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