Flamingos Ice Creamery, Beachmere

Flamingos Ice Creamery, Beachmere


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At Beachmere Plaza Shopping Centre and within good proximity to Beachmere IGA, Beachmere Takeaway, and, the sea is Flamingos Ice Creamery, Beachmere . This was a chance to review Flamingos' new relocated store from Biggs Avenue over to Beachmere Road, adjacent to Dominos Pizza. I already knew they do very well from my first visit to Beachmere and when I found out they'd moved to a new shop, I was compelled to check it out - a great excuse to come back to Beachmere and see the sea.

I ordered a green tea and a ginger scoop of ice cream in a double scoop cup. Prices are well shown on their menu board (which is massive) and their many products on offer such as ice creams, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes and much more. The owner said ginger was a very popular flavour while my impression from my conversation was green tea was slowly catching on. Combine both and you have a logical combination that makes as much sense to taste as it does to order. In other words, deliciously complementary flavours. The ice cream was very smooth yet not overpowering, the right amount of richness, you can also try before you buy, and, the texture is creamy and tastes perfectly made with tender love and care for the loyal customers in the little seaside town.

Not only that, but the entire business is original from logos to the range of products; it felt traditional yet was moving with the times in actuality. I try to be positive, so the beautiful ice cream is trivial, the place was other things; a find, a friendly little spot, it was worth writing about, it felt right to communicate about the place, and share with other interested ice cream enthusiasts.

I ordered a takeaway pack for $12.00 AUD, which had four generous scoops of ice cream put into a container that was designed to act like an esky. When I got home after 15-20 more minutes in Beachmere and a one-hour car journey home, the ice cream had bravely held its shape but was very soft. It was a 27 degrees day and I was there at 2PM, so I ordered at the hottest part of the day, so I was quite impressed with the firmness of the ice cream. Half an hour in my freezer after I got home, it was frozen again, so I think it's a great deal because you can drive it home to Brisbane and as a double scoop is $7.00 AUD, you save a dollar every two scoops.

The owner seemed to enjoy talking to me about the business, at one point she made in our brief conversation she mentioned the introduction of a dairy-free range, which you can't really do without these days. It was selling quite well, some were based on a dairy alternative while others were fruit sorbets - they had the same flavours in gelato. I asked for a tasting spoon of the dairy-free blood orange. It tasted so fruity and fresh, it tingled on the tongue, but yes, it tasted like a wholesome alternative for those who might be intolerant to dairy or have various other reasons not to enjoy regular ice creams. I think the new shop location seemed a smart business decision, and I can say it's one of the quirkiest finds you'll ever see, from logo to product to location. I left a happy customer and got home and enjoyed a treat of their takeaway pack. You can't go wrong with one scoop of ginger, one scoop of green tea, two scoops of mango and with a dairy-free healthy range, most people have few excuses to miss out on this wonderful ice creamery in Beachmere.

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