Flamenco Espresso Cafe

Flamenco Espresso Cafe


Posted 2011-08-07 by Carl Elliottfollow

Feeling lazy but need a caffeine fix? Flamenco Espresso on Annerly Road boasts free delivery on weekdays to locals in Woolloongabba, around the Mater. However, a warning that the coffee may not compare to other brews in the locale and the service, as you will see, was strange to say the least.

A dramatic contrast to the last coffee shop I reviewed in Woolloongabba ( Desmond & Molly Jones ), Flamenco Espresso is pretty bizarre. The décor is interesting and vibrant, to the point of being a bit too busy, and the café invites you off the street and up a brief flight of stairs into the lower level of the Princess Theatre on Annerly Road. However, disaster struck when I wandered towards the barista behind the counter.

After ordering a take-away coffee, the lady behind the machine stopped what she was doing and came out to ask me if I wanted a small or a large. I thought I was in the clear after that, but as the previous order's shot was still running, she asked whether I wanted the rich or the soft roast, drinking temperature or hot, added sugars before or after the shot, extra foam or normal. Although people tend to like having a bit of control over their coffee, I felt as though I was being interrogated and, honestly, I'm not the type who wants to be asked how much foam I want on my flat white.

What happened next, to this day, perplexes me, but perhaps I saw only one side of the service at Flamenco's. The customer in front of me was given a beverage she didn't order but the barista insisted she try it. After the confused girl took a brief sip, the barista then told the poor girl to have the chai tea that was forced upon her today, instead of the latte that she'd asked for. To me, even in the extreme circumstance where the two may have been friends, it still seems a bit odd – and the customer looked as though she thought the same.

My own coffee was a touch weak and the milk was poorly frothed (perhaps I should have asked for the extra foam) but the beans were a decent blend and the price reasonable. A display of food and a short menu accompany the coffee on offer but I personally couldn't shake the feeling of being unwelcome.

As I said, perhaps I caught Flamenco Espresso on a bad day, and I'm willing to be proven wrong, but with other good options close by such as Desmond & Molly Jones less than 100 metres away, I can't say I'm going to be heading back there any time soon.

In any case, the delivery option, between 8:30am and 11:30am, might bypass all the potential trouble and would definitely be convenient for those in the area. Otherwise, if you need a quick drink or a snack, or if it's a Sunday (when DMJ's is closed), Flamencos will do the trick.

Weekdays 6:30am-3:00pm, Sat & Sun from 7:30am-1:00pm.

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