Five Reasons to Visit Bali

Five Reasons to Visit Bali


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We have all heard or seen on TV horror stories of bad things that happen in Bali, Indonesia. These may put a lot of people off from ever visiting, but if you are becoming curious about going to this popular holiday destination, read on to find out five reasons why this part of the world is a must in anyone's bucket list.
1. There is art and culture everywhere.**
The highly touristy areas of Kuta, Seminyak and Legian are a lot more westernized. The further you get from them, the more likely you are to experience heavy doses of traditional Balinese culture and arts. Even if you feel uneasy taking longer day trips outside of these confines and would rather stick to the familiar you can still find a lot of culture and art around the streets. Simply open your eyes to spot the hundreds of shrines, wood work, temples and traditional clothing people wear. If you wake up early in the morning you may want to go for a little wander outside your hotel to admire Balinese people doing their prayers at sunrise:it has an incredible soothing effect to see this ritual.

2. The food is amazing.**
You might be tempted to stick to only eating Western food but you will miss out on so much. Take a few safety measures and enjoy traditional cuisine, it is delicious, healthy, very filling and of course, extremely cheap as it is all locally grown and produced.
Also, local food always connects so much better with the landscape and weather (who wants to eat a chocolate mud cake in 100% humidity and 38°' C?). Balinese cuisine is rich in rice dishes, pork, seafood, chicken, fresh vegetables, tropical fruits and aromatic herbs, resulting in very nourishing, fresh and colourful dishes.

3. Balinese people are exceptional.
Balinese locals keep their cool, are hard workers, have a laugh and put up with tourists and constant hot humidity, all with a big grin on their faces. If you show respect and genuine curiosity towards their culture and traditions most Balinese people are extremely helpful, friendly and unpretentious. Many Balinese also speak very good or basic English, making it a bliss to see the island.

4.Their impressive craftsmanship.
Rarely can you go anywhere in the world and find yourself surrounded by so many beautiful things, from the flower offerings you find on the streets and ancient rice fields to the spectacular wood carvings, the temples, textiles and traditional music. Your senses are constantly delighted at every sound and sight.

5. There is something for everyone!
This island has something in store for everyone: yoga, sightseeing, adventure tourism, luxurious resorts or more rustic accomodation, cooking classes, Balinese theatre performances, language lessons, surfing, natural attractions, water parks, unique festivals and family activities. Whatever your age, budget or travelling arrangements are, there is no doubt you can find something fun in the island of the gods.

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