Five New Resolutions for COVID-19 Times

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Posted 2020-04-09 by Jenny Esotsfollow
During our time of 'pause' and suspension of our usual activities due to COVID-19, we have a chance to rethink priorities. Resolutions are something we tend to make over the New Year, resulting in breaking them very soon after. As the world becomes more dystopian by the day, there is time to reconsider and recalibrate what our needs are. To make ethical choices that are not only good for our planet, but are economical, give us nourishment and are fun to do at the same time. We now have opportunities and time for new resolutions that are realistic and productive. For example, buying more food locally and making more of our own products, as in gardening and home baking. Here are a few new resolutions to consider.

Buy Local – Get your produce and goods at the local bakery, market, butcher & fishmonger, dairy and grocers. Not only does this support local businesses, but fresh food also tastes so much better.

Make Ethical Choices - With all that has happened in recent times due to the COVID-19 restrictions it has become apparent that toilet paper is a precious commodity. The worldwide situation of panic buying has led to widespread shortages. On reflection, now may be the time to take stock of what and where we buy our products from, and to consider making more ethical choices.

Who Gives A Crap are an Australian company that began in 2012. They make eco-friendly toilet paper, tissues and paper towels. However, unlike most paper products, theirs are made without trees, it is made via 100% bamboo and recycled toilet paper. The production of toilet paper is reported to require 27,000 trees to be cut down daily.

A huge 50% of the profits are donated to help improve sanitation in the developing world. Their aim is to take a product that everyone needs and help people in need. To date, they have donated over 2.5 million Aussie dollars to high-impact sanitation charities like WaterAid, Sanergy, Lwala, WaterSHED and SHOFCO. Who Gives A Crap is a subscription service in which regular deliveries of toilet paper are made to your home, according to your needs. The toilet paper delivery comes in a box of 48 wrapped rolls, with two grades of toilet paper available. There are also stock tissues and paper towels. For more info, take a look here . Please note due to the current extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 there is a waitlist.

Make it Grow – Gardening is relatively cheap to do, especially if you propagate your own plants. The rewards are many, not only for the fresh produce but also the joy in seeing plants as they grow. For gardening advice, check out the Gardening Australia website here .

Learn to Cook – Home baking is economical and healthy, and yet many people buy and eat only processed foods. Give yourself a goal of making one new dish each week and expand your horizons. Check out some new recipes here .

Start Walking - Getting active usually goes on the new resolution list, but now with a lot less distractions there are less and fewer excuses. This is a low-cost way to keep healthy and investigate your local area in the process.

Have you made any new COVID-19 resolutions yet? Feel free to comment with your own resolutions.

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