Five Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Five Easy DIY Halloween Decorations


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With the most ghoulish time of the year almost upon us, it's time for Halloween lovers everywhere to start thinking about decorating their homes for the spooky season.

Halloween isn't as big here in Australia compared to other countries such as the United States and Britain. Which means you won't usually find a lot of houses in your neighbourhood all decked out with boughs of grinning skulls or Jack O'Lantern pumpkin heads. But the times...well, I'm happy to say, they're a 'changing. Because you can now find plenty of spooktacular decorations for the Australian home for Halloween.

You'll usually find plenty of affordable Halloween decorations at the major retailers such as Big W, Target and the Reject Shop. You can also order your decorations via online retailers such as Discount Party Supplies and the Base Warehouse . And of course, if you want to go all out and make a HUGE statement, then there's always Costco.

But you can also make your own Halloween decorations as well. More than twenty years ago when I first started to seriously celebrate Halloween, I was forced to make my own decorations as the shops didn't sell all the Jack O Lantern pumpkin heads and tombstones and skulls and zombie caution tape and witches' broomsticks and all the other ghoulish decor as readily as they sell them nowadays. Nowadays Halloween lovers like me are pretty much spoiled for choice.

But there's also something very satisfying about starting from scratch and making your own decorations. This year I'm not only purchasing ready-made Halloween decorations; I'm also making my own. Here are five frightfully easy decorations to put together, and they won't cost you a zombie arm or leg either!

1. Ghost lanterns
All you need are white paper lanterns which you can get from the Reject Shop or Kmart and black markers. And all you need to do is draw ghostly faces on the lanterns. That's it! Another idea is to make ghost balloons simply out of balloons and streamers.

2. Milk bottle Ghosts or Jack O'Lanterns
Collect old plastic milk bottles, wash them thoroughly, then paint them all over in white for ghosts or orange for Jack O'Lanterns. Then when they're completely dry, add facial features to them using cardboard cutouts. Or paint on their faces.

3. Mason jar luminaries
These super cute luminaries are super simple to make. Get some mason jars and using permanent markers or cardboard cutouts, draw faces on the jars. You can also stick-on googly eyes. Then place a tealight candle in each jar.

4. No carve Jack O Lanterns
Get some mini pumpkins or any kind of pumpkin really and decorate them with glitter. You can also draw faces on your pumpkins or stick googly eyes or sequins all over them. Be creative!

5. Ping pong eyeballs
Grab a container of ping pong balls from Kmart or Big W, then use markers and stickers to decorate each one into an eyeball. You can also put eyeballs in mason jars for an eerie decoration, or like me, you can also use them for a Halloween 'eyeball' hunt!

For even more fang-tastic DIY Halloween decoration ideas, visit Woman's Day , Crazy Little Projects and Oprah Mag.

Halloween doesn't have to be an expensive celebration. With a few simple everyday items and your creativity, you can turn your home into a frightfully awesome one this Halloween.

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