Fitness Classes You Can Visit Without Make-Up 

Fitness Classes You Can Visit Without Make-Up 


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Our recent visit to the Sunshine Coast left me with two certainties; 1. that some of the most stunning women on earth live in this little slice of paradise, and 2. that if I lived there I would be WAY too intimidated to go to the gym or head out for a run along the beach. 
These women would run laps around my sweaty, puffing self as I tried to simply keep myself healthy and active. I'm not interested in the gym to sculpt my body, or to see my muscles growing. I am interested in exercise as a mental health stimulant, as a way to keep my ageing body free of aches and pains. So I much prefer to exercise in a welcoming environment. One where I do not feel like I have to wear the latest season lycra or a full face of makeup to attend!
If you're like me, and feel this same way, then check out these great options for judgement-free and fun workouts on the Sunshine Coast. ( If you're in Melbourne, then head here for ideas! )
**BurleXercise with Dance Fitness
**If you've heard of Burlesque - and love what those ladies do - but want a little more cardio involved in your workout, then try BurleXercise ! This fitness class is based on the extraordinarily sexy art form of burlesque which makes is great for core strength and balance, not to mention your self-esteem. If these kinds of hybrid activities do not sit well with you, then Dance Fitness also runs straight Burlesque classes which may be more up your alley. Dance Fitness boasts that BurleXersive is "for any women, any age, any fitness level! You will leave feeling strong and very sexy!" I'm know, I'm in!

A casual class will cost you $15 a pop or you cal buy Unlimited Class passes; 1 week at $30, 4 weeks $110 or 8 weeks at $200 (making it only $12.50 per class if you go twice a week!)
Click here for more info about BurleXercise .

**Roller derby  
**Ellen Page took it to the big screen but Roller Derby was stealing hearts all across Australia long before 'Whip It' made the sport mainstream. I personally have a friend who found Roller Derby a saviour after she has her first child. She did not fit in with the other mums in her 'mothers groups' and wanted to make friends who would support her, give her a life away from being just a mum, and somewhere to be active. Insert Roller Derby. If you're on the Sunshine Coast then The Coastal Assassins Roller Derby (CARD) is your local team and they are ready and wiling to indoctrinate you into their sport. Roller Derby 101 classes teach basic derby skills to skaters of all levels. After a short course of basic skills the sessions move straight into learning those awesome hip checks, whips, can openers and tons of additional contact skills. You can progress from here and learn all the skills of this incredible sport.

Click here to learn more about CARDS and their upcoming Roller Derby 101 classes .

Hoop Love

Yes, we are talking about the humble hole hoop here. These childhood toys have been given a new life by hoop dancers all over the world. Hoops dancing is great for your core and a fun way to stay active. Jessie, the instructor at Hoop Love , has been hooping since 2010 and offers both Hoop Dance classes across a range of expertise levels and Hoop Fit classes which are a combination of hoop yoga, hoop exercise and hoop dance. "They are designed to increase your heart rate, tone muscles, improve spinal strength and flexibility and be way more fun then running or going to the gym!"

Casual classes are $18 - $22 or you can invest in a 8 class pass for $80 - $120 and really give the sport a go.

Click here to learn more about Hoop Love and the Hoop Dance classes !
Absolute Aerials
Ever seen Pink! live in concert? Or watched the wonderful acrobats of Cirque Du Soleil flying around on their silk ribbons? That is what Absolute Aerials are all about. There are a whole range of classes available from Aerial Silks Tricks to straight strength/stretch/techniques and even Aerial Yoga! There are pricing structures for each class which you can see here . Aerial work is all about your core strength, posture and flexibility. If you're interested in toning yourself and getting a rock hard core, as well as the incredible art that is aerial circus, then check out Absolute Aerials today.

PLUS, they are hosting a FREE OPEN DAY on the 21 January 2017 from 10am - 2pm. There is free entry and you try classes, get discounted class passes, meet the teachers and much more. Find our more here .

Hip Hop dance
The House of Sole offers Hip Hop classes from beginners to advanced, from ages 5 to adult. There is something here for everyone, unless you hate hip hop, then move along. If you want cardio and some serious all-over toning work, then this is a great way to start. Get your butt down to the beginners class and work your way up. This one is more than just a fitness class, it's a lifestyle choice.

Casual Classes range from $10-$14 per class or they have a 2 for $20 deal if both classes taken on the same day.

Click here for more info about how to start popping' and locking' .

Argentine Tango Mondays
No partner, no worries. Come along on Monday nights to the Masonic Hall on Main Road Maroochydore and get your Tango on ladies! The tango is not only sensual and fabulous, it is also hard work - take it from someone who has had lessons in the past! It is a killer core workout if you're putting your all into it, plus your arms will hurt for days after your first few lessons. This is the workout that you don't feel until the day after, which is my favourite kind of workout.

Classes go for just over 1 hour, then you get 1 hour of practise with the teacher supervision and tips. It all costs only $10.
Click here for more info and class times .
Kitesurfing lessons
This is for those who have a little more cash to splash on their excursive regime. You can buy a 10 hour pass of VIP lessons for $850. This will take you from a complete novice to a competent kitesurfer, ready to hit the waves on your own. Kitesurfing is a fast, fun and very physically demoing sport that is just as accessible to women as it is men. If you're not sure whether this is you thing, Sunshine Coast Kite 'n SUP Fun runs 1 hour intro kite lesson using a 2m trainer kite on the beach each Thursday afternoon at 5pm. Call Shop to Book (07) 5438 8118 or click here for more info .

Fight 'n' Fit
The Sunshine Coast Mixed Martial Arts Studio offers pressure-free boxing/fitness class. These classes are based on a mixture of kickboxing and self-defence training, with a lot of cardio mixed in. If you want to tone up those arms and get yourself fighting fit (bad pun intended) then glove up and get ready to box. These classes re very female-friendly and accessible to those of all fitness level.

Click here for more info and class timetable .

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