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The Best Places in Perth for a First Date

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Published June 12th 2011
First dates are most important, because you could very well be sitting across from the person you will end up spending forever with. And if you screw it up by, for example, ordering a meal which to eat, makes you look insanely unattractive (ribs), you'll spend the rest of your life wishing you had ordered what I like to call, a 'safe meal'.

This article will outline the best places for first dates in Perth, and be sprinkled with tips and hints to reduce your chances of hearing those words "I had a really nice time, but..."

Call me old fashioned, but I believe the guy should still be taking the girl out on a first date, not the other way around. So guys, if you're unsure of where to start, then read on.

Now without knowing what type of girl you are taking out, I can't recommend all of these options. It depends on the girl. But I hope I will cover all bases here, and you can just judge which one will suit best.

1. The 'safe' date:

Maybe you met at a bar, and kind of remember this girl, but after 3 long island ice teas, her interests are hazy.

Your best bet is taking her out to a restaurant. You don't want to line up roller skating, then find out later she is terrified of wheels.

A super nice expensive restaurant on a first date to me says "I'm trying to impress you with my cash, because I have no personality".

And a take-away joint says "This is why I am single".

You want to choose somewhere very middle of the road, with a good vibe, where you can relax.

Now you want to be relaxed, otherwise people like my partner and I will pick you out as the couple who are quite obviously on a first date. The awkwardness of others can be of such good value.

Try a place like a bar / restaurant, preferably not a dedicated cuisine. Unless you know the girl well, you aren't going to know that she queezes at the thought of sushi, or can't stomach Mexican after 'the incident' at her uncle's birthday.

Another good thing about a bar / restaurant is that the lighting is very dim. Chances are she won't notice that you don't look how she remembered after her 3 champagnes when you met, and you can use this time to dazzle her with your charm and wit.

My first recommendation is "The George" in Perth on St Georges Terrace. The price of mains ranges from $23 - $38, and the setting is fairly casual with a touch of class, not forgetting the dim lighting.

The restaurant is located at the back of the venue, with the front being for the bar crowd, so you can hide away from people like me who will list all of the reasons why this is your first, and last date.

For those who think the conversation may not flow, and forsee a final tally of 23 awkward silences, you'll want somewhere with a view.

Why? "That sailboat off in the distance wasn't there before was it? Oh, it was? My mistake."

See. That just filled up 10 seconds of awkward silence. Hence, my second recommendation being The View in Fremantle.

As stated, the restaurant has a view. Meal prices for mains range from $24-$44, and the stunning view offers plenty awkward silence fillers.

My final recommendation for 'safe' first date restaurants is 'Salt on the Beach'.

Mains are reasonably priced from $19 - $45, and you have the dear old ocean there so it's beautiful.

This restaurant is like handbags you buy from Bali. Kind of.
Everything about it looks good, like the real deal. But what you paid for it is another story. The first time I went to this restaurant I was expecting it to be much more expensive than it was.

Now whilst on the subject of dinner, be sure to make your order a 'safe' meal. By this I mean, a meal which won't end up with more around your mouth than inside it. Meals like ribs, spaghetti, or whole mangoes for example are a big no no.

2. The 'different' date:

A million times over, you'll watch a romantic comedy and the guy who gets the girl will ask at the end, "Why'd you pick someone like me?" And the girl will reply "Because, you're different."

So why not steer away from the norm from the start? Most girls like a guy that thinks outside the square.

I'm not talking about something like ice skating. I would turn and run if I was taken ice skating on my first date.

Especially after the 'incident' in which I was pushed into the middle of the ice rink with no idea how to stop, or get up from a fall.

A super idea is the driving range. My favourite is Whaleback Golfcourse, because it is two storeys. So even if you can't hit very well, it will at least fall over the edge.

You can then pretend it went so far, so fast that it probably
landed over the fence on the highway. That has to impress her.

Then afterwards, you can grab a drink and talk about how bad you both were.

Another different idea for a date is Lone Ranges Shooting Complex in Belmont.

If you're a guy, no doubt you love your first person shooter games, like Battlefield and Medal of Honor. So just imagine a date in which you feel like you're playing Xbox in real life. Not only that, any girl will be surprised at how great it actually is. More often than not, a girl won't have shot a gun before, so to take her to do something she has never done before is a big plus.

Then afterwards, you can grab a drink and talk about how bad you both were.

3. The "Golden" Date:

Lastly, this particular date I feel is a sure fire winner. It requires a little effort, but that is our keyword. 'Effort'.

If a girl sees that you have taken the time to think about your date, and it's clear to her that you have cared enough to put effort into it, then you are on your way to a second date at least.

Why? Even if there appears to be no spark, she will take into account that you did a very sweet thing for her and give you a second shot.

If she doesn't then you must have done something like throw up on her, or insult her favourite band - two things I don't recommend.

First up. Get flowers delivered to her on the day of your date. Preferably to her work. This will give her positive thoughts of you even before the date has begun. People at work will ask who they are from, and tell her how sweet you are already without even knowing you.

In her head, she thinks this is a good start, so even if she is having a bad time on the date she will probably convince herself she is enjoying it.

Pick her up. Be a knight, and pick your date up, even if it 'makes more sense' to meet there. Because here is our keyword again. 'Effort'.

Heck, why not even tell her that you are currently staying one hour out of your way from her, but that you will pick her up because that's how first dates are meant to be. Cha-ching, more brownie points.

Don't dress like you tried too hard. If you usually wear your hair a certain way, don't just change it for the date.
Be yourself.

Never wear your track pants, never wear a singlet, and never wear white athletic running shoes with jeans.

In your car, you should have a picnic hamper in which you hired from Deli Divine. They have a large choice of picnic hampers with everything, so it's going to look like you made a huge effort, but really you just had it delivered.

Don't forget blankets and comfy pillows, and a bottle of wine.

Don't go to Kings Park. It's lame and it's thoughtless. Try somewhere like Heathcote in Applecross. You still get the views there, and it's different.

The pirate playground is also awesome.

4. At the end of the night:

Keep it simple. Just be nice. Tell her you had a really great time and that you hope to see her again. Let her know that you will call her, and call her. That 'don't appear too keen' thing is stupid. If she is interested, she will want to hear from you.

Don't bombard her with text messages though, give her a call the next day and suss it out from there.

Having said all of this, it really does help that you have a personality that clicks with hers. If the spark isn't there, then you don't want to force it.

And if the 'golden' date doesn't work, then my gosh. You don't want a girl who doesn't impress very easily because throughout your relationship you may have to resort to inventing a flying car, or inviting Snoop Dogg to dinner to keep her keen. And that's just too much hard work.
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When: For your first date
Where: All around Perth
Cost: Not too little, not too much
Love it, especially the golden date - nothing better than a picnic for two. Hopefully the boys take notice!
By Michelle Tempest - senior reviewer
Thursday, 16th of June @ 04:46 am
Thanks Michelle!
Yes hopefully they notice, sometimes they need a little push - Bek
By Old Account - senior reviewer
Thursday, 16th of June @ 04:57 am
Love it Becky! I think all men should read this before preparing for their next first date. :) Atalie
By AJ - reader
Monday, 20th of June @ 01:23 am
Thanks Atalie, I totally agree. Some get it right, but some need a clue! - Bek
By Old Account - senior reviewer
Monday, 20th of June @ 03:14 am
can any one help with a cafe for coffee for a first date at night but ?
and in the city ?
By Anonymous
Thursday, 18th of August @ 12:05 pm
You know how much shooting costs? A bit pricey if I'm paying for the both of us... but then again, so is a middle-of-the-road restaurant. Or am I being cheap?
By Anonymous
Thursday, 3rd of January @ 07:43 am
@anon ^ You're being cheap. Now days I would expect a date to cost at least around $100. Hell even going to the movies is like $50.
By Anonymous
Thursday, 7th of March @ 11:38 pm
I was surprised where it was suggested for the guy to pick you up on a first date....Bit risky isn't for someone you don't know.
By arodi - reader
Wednesday, 3rd of February @ 01:06 am
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