Fireworks' Events and our Four-Pawed Friends

Fireworks' Events and our Four-Pawed Friends


Posted 2018-12-15 by Elainefollow

School holidays have started, we are half-way through December and the Sunshine Coast's Christmas festivities are well under way, with the New Year's festivities just peeking their heads over the horizon. Many of these family-friendly celebrations are accompanied with spectacularly colourful firework displays. Unfortunately, these fabulous events are not always appreciated by everybody, especially our four-pawed family members.

I am not sure if you realised this, but there are approximately 53,000 dogs, that have the pleasure of calling the Sunshine Coast home and to these four-pawed family members, the 'going off with a bang' of the traditional firework displays can be extremely frightening.

Wise words of advice from the Council for Firework events:

  • Please keep pets indoors, close the curtains and turn the TV volume up, hopefully masking the fireworks' noise. Here's hoping that the TV's increased volume doesn't upset the neighbours;
  • Stay with pets, to keep them calm;
  • If for some reason, you won't be at home, consider using the services of a 'four-pawed' baby sitter or perhaps move your furry friends to a different location i.e. a safe place for the night;
  • If your dogs do accidentally escape during the fireworks displays - and I see many postings about 'missing' dogs, during and after firework displays - please make sure that your dog is microchipped and registration details are up to date, so you and your four-pawed buddy can be reunited;
  • A fashionable alternative for man's best friend.

  • The Sunshine Coast Council have our and our four-pawed friends' best interests at heart and have subsequently published a list of some of the upcoming community events that will have a fireworks display. Please note that besides these listed events, there may well be other events that are also having firework displays, in which case a quick browse of local publications in your area, would be advisable.

    ** & #127879 ; 15 December
    Nambour Community Carols
    Nambour @ 8.00pm**

    ** & #127878 ; 15 December
    Carols on Kings
    Caloundra @ 8.00pm**

    ** & #127879 ; 15 December
    Glasshouse Country Community Carols
    Beerwah @ 8.30pm**

    ** & #127878 ; 15 December
    Christmas in the Park
    Coolum @ 8.45pm**

    ** & #127879 ; 16 December
    Twin Waters Christmas Carols
    Twin Waters @ 7.30pm**

    ** & #127878 ; 24 December
    Mooloolaba Christmas Celebrations
    Mooloolaba @ sunset**

    ** & #127879 ; 31 December
    NYE Mooloolaba
    Mooloolaba @ 830pm and again at midnight**

    ** & #127878 ; 31 December
    NYE Coolum
    Coolum @ 8.30pm**

    ** & #127879 ; 31 December
    NYE Caloundra
    Caloundra @ 9.15pm **

    Please diarise these dates and if you live in close proximity to any of these events' locations, please heed the Council's advice to keep your four-pawed family members safe and happy.

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