Where Can You Get Filipino Food in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Posted 2012-05-08 by Cristina Dimenfollow

Many folks wishing to sate their appetite for Filipino food know that Jersey City, New Jersey offers a variety of restaurants. With many Philippine expats residing and working in Jersey City, the area boasts dining venues, including mom-and-pop branches offering authentic cuisine.

Restaurants along Newark Avenue vary not only in menu offerings and pricing, but also in ambience. Thankfully, many eateries are friendly to the purse strings, enabling the uninitiated to sample delicious fare, without breaking the bank.

Casa Manila

An open floor plan and warm splashes of earth tones on walls, and the wooden tables add to the homey feel.

Patrons order their desired food items by employing the "turo-turo" method, which literally translates to "point-point". Simply point to the entrees you'd like to eat, and a staff member will set them on foam plates or bowls, atop a tray—ready for you to carry to your table. Check out their combination specials to sample more dishes.

Fiesta Grill & Restaurant

Since 1998, Fiesta Grill on 655 Newark Avenue has been delighting its visitors with casual "turo-turo" combination plates at affordable prices.


Open daily, drop by Phil-Am for some ready-made food, which you can eat onsite or at your home. Treat some of your friends with baked goodies and perhaps, even a few grocery items.

Little Quiapo

You'll find Little Quiapo, farther down Newark Avenue—one of the storefronts hidden within the parking area where locals leave their cars to eat or shop at neighboring venues.

A cozy eatery where wooden decor evokes visions of the Philippines, Little Quiapo serves made-to-order noodles, vegetables and meats.

Don't skip on desserts, such as "halo-halo", which literally translates to "mix-mix". To taste its sweet goodness, carefully mix all the ingredients from top to bottom, and then enjoy.

Philippine Bread House

Known for its traditional brunch combination plates of marinated beef or pork, fried eggs, white rice, plus other menu items via the "turo-turo" method of ordering, the Philippine Bread House is a local favorite. Should you arrive later in the day, don't worry, they also serve lunch and dinner.

As its name implies, the venue also offers a wide variety of traditional Filipino sweets and baked goods.

American Pinoy Food Mart

After sampling restaurant dishes, why not stop by American Pinoy Food Mart at 530 Newark Avenue #A to pick up some Asian groceries?

Browse the shelves laden with bottles of sweetened garbanzo beans, jackfruit, coconut strings, sugar palm fruit and cans of evaporated milk—ingredients for that popular dessert, "halo-halo". Grab a variety to re-create it at your leisure—you'll just need some shaved ice when you get home.

Whether you decide to stay in one place or go restaurant hopping, your palate will enjoy a tasty adventure. And with so many options to entice you back, you'll likely return to Newark Avenue for more.

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