Fight Klub Challenge: Game Changer - The Rechabite

Fight Klub Challenge: Game Changer - The Rechabite


Posted 2022-06-04 by Ron Dickmanfollow
For what has been decades in pop culture, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows the cardinal rule of Fight Club; Nobody talks about Fight Club. Thankfully, in this instance, we aren't talking about that movie and the rule in this case is the exact opposite.

Having been forwarded the event information by a friend, the description seemed a bit vague on details which added to the allure and heightened the excitement of checking it out. Not to mention, it was the first of its kind! Nobody knew what to expect! So, tickets booked and spot secured, we flash forward to the night of FIGHT KLUB CHALLENGE!

Taking place at the Rechabite, which is on its own, a gorgeous establishment, the mood had already been set that this was going to be a quirky affair. Descending the staircase to the belly of the building, we emerge in a cosy room with a bar, rows of chairs for the patrons, a DJ with his deck, a small stage complete with a pole and a roof covered in a brilliant display of neon lights that flash every colour you could think of.

It was like being at a speakeasy during prohibition, the atmosphere in the air was electric. After imbibing a few libations (cocktail on tap? Don't mind if I do!) Fight Klub kicked off, in the best way possible!

Host and creator Karl Kayoss, truly entertained us with kick-ass choreography and lip-sync amazingness followed by a run down of what the night would entail. First-round, performers perform a number of their creation and they only get 45 seconds to do it in! Upon entry, all spectators were given a poker chip which we use to vote for who we would like to stay and continue on to round two after all acts in round one have performed. Round two consists of general knowledge trivia; performers have to answer 10 questions with the top two scorers going through to the final round. Final round, contestants then get to perform their final number but with a twist! Which can be anything from acting like the floor is lava or even freezing in place like a statue whenever the music stops.

Scattered between the rounds, previously eliminated contestants grace the crowd, performing from their skill set ranging from burlesque, lip-syncing, body contortion to pole dancing.

There was so much going on, in all the best possible ways and the crowd ate up every last morsel! For a great night out full of eclectic entertainment, artistry and guaranteed laughs, I highly recommend getting in fast to book your tickets to the next Fight Klub Challenge!

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