Fig Tree Deli

Fig Tree Deli


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Creamy cheeses, smoked smallgoods, specialty condiments and a contemporary menu serving some of the best breakfast in Brisbane. If that sounds like your cup of tea - or coffee in this case - do yourself a favour and make the trip to the Fig Tree Deli in Camp Hill. The Fig Tree Deli is a lively neighbourhood haven in the inner-south east for those who appreciate unique deli wholefoods not found in the mainstream delicatessens such as what you're likely to find in Coles or Woolworths. It is both a deli and busy cafe with an emphasis on free range foods, the Fig Tree is the sort of place you see numerous happy family types getting their day off to a good start.

My first visit to the Fig Tree Deli was somewhat by chance – I was just about to tackle the weekly grocery shopping, - a task that I dread - it was early and I still hadn't had my morning coffee, so I was slightly irritable. Fortunately for me the Fig Tree Deli was situated in the same group of shops as my local supermarket, so I did myself a favour and possibly other shoppers I might encounter a favour and ordered my caffeine fix. While waiting for my coffee, I discovered this was so much more than just your average cafe and takeaway coffee establishment. I browsed and browsed at what I can only describe as a gallery of deliciousness that would impress even the most discerning foodie. From olive infused vinegars to delicious chutneys and relishes and other products sourced from various areas of regional Australia, I was pretty much ready to do my weekly shop then and there.

My coffee was soon ready but I wasn't, and I stepped away from the food slowly and albeit reluctantly. Fortunately I wasn't to be let down by my vanilla latte which gave me just the fortitude I needed to face the supermarket. Coffee in fist, I got to the task at hand but my mind was still over at the Fig Tree Deli and I entertained the idea of a world where I would have a pantry and fridge full of their foods. I could impress with ease by whipping out a delicious platter when guests were around. However fantasy it was not because the Fig Tree has just made this a very exciting reality.

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