Fifteen Fun Holiday Frolics

Fifteen Fun Holiday Frolics


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Get the kids interested in new things this holiday and give yourself some time out. Let them know that yes, there is life beyond Pokémon . Here are some suggestions for fun activities, some of which may require supervision, depending on the age and skills of your tribe. Enjoy each day as a gift.

1 Eat ice cream for breakfast - just this once. Make it your favourite flavour.

2 Make faces at yourself in the mirror; especially if you and your family happen to be on a flight somewhere, so to ease the boredom.

3 Paint your toenails in ten different colours. Hmm, let's try red, pink, purple, blue, orange, green, gold, silver, black and white. Or alternate two colours like pink, blue, pink, blue.

4 Practice your hand-stands, cartwheels and hurdling skills (only if you're sure you won't get hurt first).

5 Go to the park and climb on stuff - anything - trees, playground gear, railings. Be safe.

6 Try the age-old practice of (politely) debating a topic. Get informed first and figure out the pros and cons - the 'for and against' arguments. Suggested topics: is it okay to bully the bullies?; Facebook - healthy or not?; and computer games - what is really being learned from them?

7 Create a play with your friends using paper dolls and post it on YouTube. Don't forget to 'do the voices'. Improve your Google Adwords Office Generic - EN&ef_id=VMgPcAAAARogYQEt:20160828011110:s Windows Live Movie Maker skills at the same time. Create and record your own sound effects to be heard in the background of your film.

8 Make up a dance to your latest favourite song and perform it for your parents.

9 Start a veggie patch in the garden - first get permission. Tomatoes are easy to grow - or maybe turnips? No?

10 Learn some magic tricks and dazzle your mates. Check out these easy examples .

11 Dress up as pirates and walk the plank into your swimming pool off the diving board. You might need parental supervision for this one.

12 Learn how to make your own popcorn at home. Invite your friends over and watch some movies while munching on the popcorn.

13 Make pikelets with the family. Don't forget the jam and cream - yummy!

14 Surf the internet for a new musical instrument you might be able to learn to play.

15 If all else fails, try doodling, colouring-in or re-reading your old favourite books.

If you can keep your words positive and enjoy life - well done you!

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