Field to Fork Wholefoods Kitchen

Field to Fork Wholefoods Kitchen


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On any given Saturday morning, Adelaide Central Market is abuzz. Locals are buying the freshest produce from South Australia's best suppliers, specialty shops are spruiking the latest in culinary creations and small café stalls are brimming with morning coffee seekers. Among the flurry of teaming crowds is , the market's wholefoods café and kitchen.

Field to Fork is a garden-like oasis within Adelaide Central Market. Linked to the House of Health Collective nearby, Field to Fork prepares a fresh feast of gorgeous meals that are all-vegan and all-gluten free. Alongside freshly prepared meals is a long list of hot and cold tonics, juices, teas and chai, raw desserts and refined sugar-free sweet treats. Locals and visitors to Adelaide can come here to enjoy an early breakfast, mid-morning brunch or their lunch options.

Here, diners are guaranteed of a menu that's vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, all prepared by its chef-dietician duo. Every meal is prepared knowing that what customers put in their mouths is going to be the best food they can eat. Customers will then be running at optimum for the day without sugar crashes and cravings.

For breakfast, there is a tasty choice of short-order options from granola, loaded banana bread, brekky wrap and mushroom medley. There is a selection of superfood smoothie bowls try, as well as nourish bowls, toasties and waffles. Much of these options are suitable for lunch, too, including the daily special as shown on the specials board. Many tastes are catered for here, as well as dietary requirements. Field to Fork's friendly staff are only too happy and enthusiastic to make recommendations and explain the back-story for each dish.

When in Adelaide, a local toastie is a must but it's often a dish that vegans and those who are gluten-free may miss out on. This is not the case at Field to Fork. There are two to try here, and both are bursting in flavour. Opt for the mushroom pesto choice, a toasted sandwich filled with basil walnut pesto, lemon pepper, sautéed mushrooms and vegan halloumi-style cheese. The mushrooms are gently sautéed and flavoured by the pesto as melted halloumi presses into the toast on every bite.

The mushroom pesto toastie is best served alongside a warm beverage, preferably a turmeric chai. A comforting glass of this chai is dusted with spices and dried flowers without being overpowering. Customers can add coconut sugar to sweeten out the peppery taste, though the chai blend is mild enough to omit it.

It's best to experience Field to Fork over a relaxing amount of time instead of rushing. This ensures customers can experience the full range of flavours on offer. After a savoury start with a toastie, choose a sweeter dish to share among friends afterwards.

Another choice that vegans and those who are gluten-free can enjoy is a serve of waffles. Field to Fork's Classic waffles are the best to try, topped with hot peanut butter, maple syrup and fresh berries and coconut soft-serve. For a smaller sweet finish, choose a slice of warmed and loaded banana bread that's topped with hot, dripping peanut butter, maple syrup and mixed fresh fruits. A side portion of coconut ice-cream adds to the decadence of this dish without the sugary high that refined sugars are known for. This is where Field to Fork is proving to be one of Adelaide's best vegan spots to try. Vegans and non-vegans are definitely indulged in flavours here.

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