Ferocious Wolf - Film Review Spanish Film Festival 2023

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Posted 2023-06-05 by Jenfollow

Wed 14 Jun 2023 - Wed 12 Jul 2023

Ferocious Wolf - Film Review (Spanish Film Festival 2023)

An official selection of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2023 and directed by Gustavo Hernández Ibañez, Ferocious Wolf is premiering in Australia at the Spanish Film Festival . This 105 min subtitled film stars Adriana Ugarte, Javier Gutiérrez, Rubén Ochandiano, Antonio Dechent, Fernando Tejero and Juana Acosta and is a remake of Big Bad Wolves. It's a murder mystery, revenge film, peppered with subtle humour which is as sparse as its gore, but does have a few uncomfortable moments. It's recommended for aged 18 and above.

A young girl has been murdered, but due to the mishandling of the interrogation by detective Alonso (Javier Gutiérrez) who operates on the edge of the law, the suspect is released. Matilde (Adriana Ugarte) is the birth mother facing her worst nightmare - her daughter brutally murdered. She doesn't trust the system and decides to take matters into her own hands even though the suspect was released due to lack of evidence. Both Matilde and Alonso are united in their will to uncover the truth.

Elias (Rubén Ochandiano) the suspect is kidnapped by Matilde and by any means she's going to find out where he buried her decapitated daughter's head. A little unhinged herself, you can see detective Alonso may perhaps have some misgivings about partnering with ferocious Matilde to bring the suspect to justice.

This is a story cleverly and beautifully told, in spite of its subject matter. It's as gritty and good as any detective story with a few twists and turns. The performances by the three main characters; the detective, the mother and the suspect, is all-consuming. Backed by a strong plot that unfolds and reveals itself in due time, you will get caught out by plot lines you did not expect, and it ends just as strongly, without giving anything away. Perhaps eliciting a silent primal scream from you to have the movie end the way you want it to but it's better the way it is because it draws on your strong emotions and reactions it has been teasing out throughout the film. Wonderfully directed and executed. Catch this and many other gems at the Spanish Film Festival .

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