Favourite Things About Thailand

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Posted 2016-06-07 by Sanet Schoemanfollow
There are so many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) things to name when one has to describe Thailand. Here are five of my absolute favorite things about working and living in Thailand:

1. The people

Gentle and kind, helpful to a fault, the beautiful Thai people are the single biggest reason why I have felt welcome, safe and happy since the moment I arrived in the country.
2. 7-eleven

They are everywhere! The 7-eleven stores, known throughout the world, are very firmly rooted in Thailand. Stocking all the essentials, from food and beverages, toiletries and medicine that the traveler might need, the 7-eleven stores located in abundance in every city and town in Thailand are one of my favorite shopping destinations.

3. Buddhist temples

The thousands of temples found throughout Thailand offer a wonderful glimpse into the ancient history and rich cultural heritage of the Thai people. The architecture of the temples is awe-inspiring, with exquisite attention to detail that takes the breath away.

4. Awesome fruit!

The selection of fruit offered for sale in any street market ranges from the familiar to the truly bizarre. With beautiful exotic names such as rambutan, sala and durian, and strange spiky shapes and colors, the fruit of Thailand is a wonderful taste adventure all on its own.

5. Exploring the Street Market

If you visit Thailand for no other reason, you should go for a trip to a street market. One of my highlights every weekend is to go to the street market in the heart of Satuk, stroll around the many displays, see what's new, taste something here and there and chat with the Thai stall owners. Street markets are the heart of every town and village in Thailand, and a great place to pick up a bargain as well as the latest news.

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