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What is Your Favourite M&M's Flavour?

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by Catherine Van Bergen (subscribe)
I'm a freelance writer who lives on the Bellarine Peninsula. I enjoy finding new things to see and do in the beautiful area that I live in. I'm also a booklover- see my reviews at
Published December 15th 2013
M&M's were first created in America by Forrest Mars (of Mars, Incorporated) over 70 years ago, but it wasn't until 1980- when they were introduced to Australian shores- that we got to experience the chocolatey goodness that comes in the packages with the M's.

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

A crisp and colourful outer shell, encasing chocolate and/or other tasty treats- what's not to love? While there are other companies who have attempted to replicate the product, none have come close in terms of taste, texture or marketing power. Mars' control over the confectionery market is astounding, with their promotions overpowering any that their competition could devise. They have themed stores all over the world, and a set of characters that have proven over time to be just as popular as the chocolate itself.

But, while there were once only a few different types of M&M's to choose from, there is now an entire range. So what is your favourite flavour?

[Just a warning, if you want to taste test all of these yourself to prove a point, I wouldn't recommend doing it in one sitting- your stomach (and waistline) will not approve! The only person who might benefit from you having such a binge might be your dentist.]

M&M's (Original)

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

Who can go past the original? They're colourful, they're familiar, and the chocolate is oh so good. Some people think that each colour shell makes each one taste different but until I see scientific evidence proving that, I'm going to assume that's a myth. These would have to be a hands-down favourite, just for longevity's sake.

M&M's Minis

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

These are the baby versions of the original, with the exception of an added colour- pink. Even though they have a similar taste to the original, they somehow feel lighter, which means that you can be tempted to want more than just a handful. These ones come in handy little tubes, and are great to use in baking because of their size.

M&M's Crispy

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

These M&M's are larger than most, and feature a crispy wafer-like centre. This is covered in a chocolate layer, which is then encased in the colourful outer shell. If you want to eat M&M's but don't feel like an overly-chocolate taste, then this might be the option for you. The crispy stuff adds a different type of texture to the mix.

M&M's Peanut

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

Again, these M&M's are larger than normal, and provide an alternative for nut lovers. The peanut, covered in chocolate, and then a colourful outer shell is a child-friendly version of your usual chocolate-covered peanut. But if you know someone who suffers from peanut allergies, stay away. The last thing we want is someone to go into anaphylactic shock because of your chocolate fix!

M&M's Orange

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

With a similar taste to Jaffas (and other chocolate-covered, orange-flavoured treats), these normal sized M&M's have orange and white coloured shells and an orange-flavoured chocolate centre.

M&M's Crispy-Mint

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

A variation on the original Crispy M&M's, these ones come with three different coloured shells- light green, dark green and white. They have a very fresh taste, and because of the crispy wafer-like centre, do not taste too much like an after-dinner mint.

M&M's Raspberry

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

A relatively new addition to the Australian family, these-normal sized M&M's have a distinct berry taste and come with three different coloured shells- dark red, pink and white. They'd look good in a bowl for your Valentine, come February 14th.

M&M's Coconut

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

Larger than normal in size, these have coconut-flavoured chocolate, encased in green, brown and white outer shells. Despite their name, there is no actual coconut in them, as far as I can tell. These are American, and are only available as an imported chocolate, although there are some Australian stores that can get them in.

M&M's Pretzel

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

Another American import, these M&M's are rounder and larger than usual. They are very much like an American pretzel- they have a slightly salty, crispy taste, which is then sweetened by a layer of chocolate and the coloured outer shell.

M&M's Peanut Butter

What is your favourite M&M's flavour?

The last of the American imports, these M&M's are also larger in size than normal, and feature a peanut butter middle, a layer of chocolate, and then the outer shell. If you like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (another American chocolate) then you'll like these. Just a warning, they can be addictive.

So there you have it- a list of the M&M's branded chocolates that are available in Australia to date. I distinctly remember there being an M&M's Almond on the shelves a few years ago, but after spending time searching the shops, I was unable to track them down.

Needless to say, there are plenty of others out there without the need for an almond option too- so which is your favourite?
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Australia has far more flavours than in the UK. I have only ever seen Peanuts and the originals. I'm not really a fan to be honest, but if I were to choose, I'd eith go for the minis, orange, or raspberry.
by Bryony Harrison (score: 4|12075) 1776 days ago
I didn't realize there were so many "flavors" for m&ms because I always reach out for the yellow pack!
by choud (score: 2|164) 1791 days ago
where you find the orange chocolate?
by jessi (score: 0|3) 1778 days ago
Mint - needs to b stronger.
Live the Crispy but hard to find.
Raspberry has nearly ZERO flavour - VERY DISAPPOINTING!
by fluffynut (score: 2|867) 494 days ago
Only recently tried raspberry for the first time - very nice!
by guita (score: 0|4) 1792 days ago

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