Where's Your Favourite Dog Park in Adelaide

Where's Your Favourite Dog Park in Adelaide


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Our writers have scoured Adelaide from coast to hills in search of off leash dog parks for their dog loving audience. We know your fussy friend likes variety, and is very sociable in seeking new friends too. So we have done our best to find a good range of places for your classy canine.

If you want a well behaved pup , then plenty of exercise is important. So let's see what off leash exercise areas are out there for your demanding dog.

South of Adelaide we are spoilt for choice, although not all exercise areas are actually dedicated parks designed for dogs.

Hazelmere Reserve Dog Park at Glengowrie is a large dog exercise area which is extremely popular on weekends and outside working hours. At other times it is much quieter if that is what you prefer. The toilets and playground next door make this one a good family choice.

Goodwood Orphanage Park also has a dedicated social group who enjoy meeting to exercise their dogs off leash there. I'm not sure whether it's more popular with dogs or their owners. There are also sports facilities and a playground here, so it's fun for kids too.

Goodwood Oval is very similar, attracting lots of locals who gossip while their dogs play off leash on the oval. Again, kids are catered for too, just avoid times when organised sport is on.

Bailey Reserve in Clarence Gardens is another very popular place to exercise dogs, and has the added benefit of having several distinct areas. If there are too many dogs exercising you can choose to go to one of the other areas. This is one place families keep coming back to, as kids love the Pirate Ship and the adults can relax under shelter with a picnic or even fire up the free barbeque.

If you really want to pamper your pooch, CC Hood Reserve offers an off leash dedicated dog park with some special facilities not available elsewhere locally. There are various dog agility courses (if you can keep up with your dog), otherwise let them chase each other through the tunnels like I do. The only downside is the lack of ground cover here due to poor maintenance by Mitcham Council, but the dogs cope just fine.

Shepherds Hill Reserve deserves a special mention - not because it has any special dog facilities, but because it has something for everyone in the family. Dogs love the smells in the undergrowth, kids like the BMX track, and adults enjoy exploring its tranquility.

Dog Parks in Adelaide and the North
The North Adelaide dog park has dedicated separate areas for both larger and smaller dogs. Unfortunately chihuahuas are free to enter the large dogs area and savage your samoyed. But do click the link anyway, just to see the cute doggie video.

Also in the city the newest dedicated place is the Pityarilla dog park in Marshmallow Park. Adelaide City Council also offers a number of off-leash areas, just check its website .

Further north there is Tail Trails Dog Park , which sounds quite exciting.

The Wild West
Tedder Reserve Pooch Park was one of the first dedicated dog parks in Adelaide, and may well be one of the best. It certainly is popular, with dogs dragging in their owners at all times of the day.

There are toilets nearby, but no playground close by that I am aware of.

East and The Hills
I haven't been to any special dog places in the Eastern suburbs, although I am sure there must be some.

If you know of any, why not tell us in the comments box, and if you don't like my choices above, tell us about your favourite place. You know your dog would just love to meet new friends!

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