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What's your Favourite Aussie Slang Word or Phrase?

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by Jenny (subscribe)
I enjoy making the most of my weekends & what Adelaide has to offer.
Published September 16th 2013
Bogan, yuppie, dag, drongo are just some of the Aussie slang words used to demystify Australian culture and class. Derogatory as they sound, this slang can also be used in terms of endearment!

In Australia, nobody's the same. I'm really enjoying the viewing on ABC at the moment. In my eyes, It's A Date, Upper Middle Bogan ,and The Time Of Our Lives eloquently capture the myriad people, culture and lifestyle that exists throughout Australia.

ABC iview, Upper Middle Bogan, Bogan, Aussie Slang, Australia
Upper Middle Bogan is superb viewing on Thursday nights at 8.30pm. Image courtesy of ABC

Episode 5: No Angel of Upper Middle Bogan's first series is a classic, with Edwina (Lara Robinson) conducting her prestigious private school choir through a classical remake of a true blue Aussie classic of The Angels Am I ever Gonna See your Face Again? Replacing the response "no way get f****ed, f***k off" is the bassoon playing Edwina.

In our workplace, we currently employ a number of agency staff, many of whom have come from the United Kingdom.

The majority of expats have settled along the coast to experience and reinvent themselves in the casual, friendly culture and lifestyles of Australia as witnessed on their televisions through series such as BBC's Wanted Down Under and the best way of all, through word of mouth.

One particular expat is hooked on Arnott's bikkies and just adores Burger Rings. Lunch time's fun and entertaining at the moment as we continue to educate him on Aussie slang. Even a simple phrase as fair dinkum requires a translation.

What's your favourite Aussie slang word or phrase? If you're an expat, I'd love to hear from you re: your first impressions of Australia and your favourite food and customs.
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by Carly Ogborne (score: 3|4616) 1409 days ago
Im flat out like a lizard drinking!
See ya!
Ugh.... the collective word>>>>>> ' Youz' <<< so bogan!
Yobbo and 'ya dag' lol
Worse than a dead dogs dinger!
So up himself/herself that she/he's inside out!
..... is a bit of a nervous Nellie.
Wow! Have a quick perve at that!! :-o or :-)
It runs on the smell of an oily rag... referring to running a car and it not costing you much to run.
Stiff Cheddar..............tough luck!
lol.... an oldie but a goodie.... ' have been up before Sparrows fart'
meaning... got up too early and before the birds.
A sandwich short of a picnic is a goodie
Raining Cats n Dogs
lol......'' Dont get ya knickers in a knot!'' or ' Dont get into a twist!'
What an absolute bucket of Cods..... or you can add Codswallop. Or being an Aussie you can eliminate all those words b/c we love short hand speaking and just say with an inflection........ CODS! with the latter you might smile, or chuckle or look serious ...
' Ha! Got YOU by the short n curlies...didn(t) I.... dont sound the T.

I could add more but they could be a bit rude or over the top.

then there is G'day! I dont hear it much here but hearing a female friend of mine she says it all the time....she's a Sandgroper!
by summer (score: 2|250) 1399 days ago
couple of roos short in the paddock - screw lose upstairs
john howards - long eyebrows
dog's eye - meat pie
fugly , sorry but we use it
by Anne Dignam (score: 2|859) 1420 days ago
by Jmbis (score: 1|10) 1427 days ago
A sandwich short of a picnic.
Shoot through like a Bondi tram.
It's like Pitt Street (busy).
by readingroxie99 (score: 1|22) 1420 days ago
Chuck a ewey
by banab (score: 1|38) 1430 days ago
I'm as flat out as a lizard drinking.

Going to shoot thru like a Bondi

He's got a face like a dropped pie.
by judiron (score: 1|53) 841 days ago
Fair Dinkum
by Kerry (score: 0|8) 1405 days ago
On ya
by Dugga (score: 0|8) 1431 days ago
STRUTH !!! have a gander at that shella
by Bru (score: 0|7) 633 days ago
He's so "quiche"
Thanks Ja'mie
by Elcde (score: 1|15) 1314 days ago
by niloo (score: 0|6) 1394 days ago
Most versatile word - bugger.
by hbee (score: 0|6) 448 days ago
Straaylya = Australia
by ahcro (score: 0|6) 630 days ago
fair dinkum you'd have to be a boofhead not to think that this was a dropdead bonza article
by glenop (score: 2|823) 1426 days ago
Dry as a dead dingo's donger
by readingroxie99 (score: 1|22) 1429 days ago
terms picked up over here in 'the old country' -Strap me, maite, but I'm as dry as a wallaby's pouch
Fair dinkum
Chunder off yer (pommie or other perjorative) drongo
Only a dingo walks out on his mates.
Strap me, Sheila, but I could do with a beer.......
by j2jda (score: 0|5) 841 days ago
I am so hungry I could eat the horse and chase the jockey
by Happy Mom (score: 2|548) 1392 days ago
many of these are old cockney sayings being claimed as Aussie........or a derivitive....
by sally (score: 1|26) 841 days ago
Apart form my previous one, which was "stick that in ya pipe and smoke it", I also love the use of "Doin the Harry Holt".

I remember as a kid, my dad's friends referring to the days of the week as:

by Mina. (score: 1|36) 876 days ago
get a dog up ya!
by mwnes (score: 0|5) 954 days ago
It's a dog's breakfast.
by matil (score: 1|21) 1337 days ago
Spat the dummy is one of my favourites - and my husband had to explain to me what a 'snag in a bag' was!
by Annie Waddington-Feather (score: 2|184) 1379 days ago
by Caesar (score: 0|6) 1267 days ago
thank's mate
by bobbh (score: 0|7) 1329 days ago
A face like a robbers dog
by eyreh (score: 0|6) 1259 days ago
Yeah-nah always brings explosions of mirth, indeed, the occasional expelling of one's drink through the nose...
by Max Flynn (score: 1|61) 1252 days ago
Geepers Creepers.
by nanet (score: 0|7) 1378 days ago
Struth no worries J
by glenop (score: 2|823) 1425 days ago
Crook as Rookwood
by readingroxie99 (score: 1|22) 1425 days ago

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