Fat Buddha Restaurant

Fat Buddha Restaurant


Posted 2012-11-01 by Ally Burniefollow

Nestled comfortably at the back of the Queen Victoria Building lies the Fat Buddha Restaurant.

A friend recently found this little beauty a few weeks ago and insisted that I try it out. If you're looking for authentic Yum Cha or even a gorgeous selection of À la carte meals for a small price, Fat Buddah is your little slice of heaven.

& #8232 ;With a menu ranging from as little as $6 to just over $100, Fat Buddha caters for everyone's budget. Not only is the food quite cheap, the refined menu has been created from over three thousand years of Cantonese culinary history.

The restaurant itself is quite large, yet the ambience is warm and peaceful and the Shanghai-style décor is stunning. The restaurant's design is made to mirror the grandeur of the old Shanghai, featuring large Victorian arched windows, dark wood and a magenta coloured carpet with gorgeous hanging lanterns. It creates the perfect balance between bringing the best of old Shanghai to Sydney, whilst also providing a sleek and modern feel.

Our waiter was extremely friendly and welcoming. If you go, ask for Albert. He was very excited to show us a picture of Bella (I think that's her name) from the X-Factor eating at the restaurant. His friendly demeanour and playful nature only heightened the dining experience.

& #8232 ;And then, most importantly, the food is absolutely delicious. I chose to eat off the À la carte menu and though I only ordered two entrées and a main, I left Fat Buddha wholly satisfied and deliriously happy.

For entrée, I had the Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings. They were sticky and moist, the veggies having a simple soy flavour which was beautiful - $6.80

I also very un-adventurously ordered the Fat Buddha spring rolls. Though slightly oily, (but I'm not complaining!) the pastry was golden and crunchy with gorgeous silky veggies in the middle. The spring rolls were also quite big which made for a very happy diner as I am an utter suck for spring rolls - $9.80

For a main, I had the Shredded Beef Peking Style. I can hands down say it was the best shredded beef I have ever eaten and I've had my fair share. The sweet juices of the beef exploded in my mouth with every crunchy bite - $24.80

And getting there is simple - if you drive your car, park in the QVB carpark and make sure you ask Fat Buddha to scan your ticket as then the parking free is $5. Yes, $5 for as long as you like. So I advise you take your time, relax, do a little bit of glorious shopping and finish the day with a meal at Fat Buddha. It's the perfect day out.

If you want to listen to my very good advice (obviously), make a booking at the Fat Buddha pronto. I'd suggest you be a tad more adventurous than I was as I have to say I opted for the safe options. If you do go, let me know what you ordered and if you loved your meal as much as I did.

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