Farseer Trilogy - Book Review

Farseer Trilogy - Book Review


Posted 2013-08-06 by Vanessa De Chellisfollow
Are you an absolute sucker for fantasy novels? Do you love nothing more than creating lasting relationships with fictional characters? Do you yearn for coming of age stories? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then boy do I have a treat for you! Intrigued? Well, I think it's time that you jump on the Robin Hobb bandwagon and devour the Farseer Trilogy.

Infomercial aside, this trilogy appealed to me on a level that has only ever been reached by Paolini's Inheritance Cycle ( Eragon ). Once I finished the third novel, I couldn't read anything for a week afterwards. I just knew that no other book would be as satisfying while those characters will still alive in my head.

The saga begins with the discovery of FitzChilvary – bastard to the King-in-Waiting of the Six Duchies. In a world where royalty are shaped by the meanings of their true names, it doesn't take long for King Shrewd to take advantage of the boy's very useful predicament. He offers him education, clothing, food and a safe place to sleep in exchange for his service as a King's Man - the King's private assassin.

This apprenticeship starts him on a journey of self discovery, silent murder and secrets. The Farseer trilogy is bursting with heartbreak, love of another sort, unconventional magic, scheming, court drama and just the right amount of action. Hobb creates a world so real and fresh that it feels as though one can step right onto the cobble stone path eating fresh honey comb and hear the sounds of the Inner Duchy traders.

Hobb's talent for character development elicits emotions that are hard to come by even in real life. She fosters hatred so great that my heartbeat raced as I read certain passages. Hobb mimicked physical states and reactions so perfectly that I actually became puffed out from reading battle sequences. My body reacted to her words in a way that still amazes me.

FitzChivalry commences his journey as a boy of 6 in Assassin's Apprentice. He finds love and learns the tools of his fatal trade while living in the shadow of his father's death. After a close encounter with his own death and with the discovery of a traitor high in the ranks, Fitz almost meets his end. Despite reality, he manages to continue his court intrigue in Royal Assassin. The trilogy reaches its gut wrenching climax in Assassin's Quest as Fitz makes his way to secure an heir for the Farseer throne. His journey is a tumultuous one, riddled with pain, magic and love.

As you can tell, I absolutely loved this set of novels. I recommend it to everyone I meet and do not miss an opportunity to share my thoughts on the characters and plots. Unfortunately for those people, they've usually never even laid eyes upon the book.

Hobb really is one of the great fantasy writers of our time (swiped from the back of her cover). While I do endorse going into your local bookstore for the buy, I'll give you an farseer trilogy amazon link all the same.

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