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Fantazia Fabric Land & Patchwork

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by Maureen Durney (subscribe)
I think I’ve got this retirement thing figured out: sleep; wake; write; repeat. I love it! You can follow my journey at Life is Good
Published October 17th 2020
Fantazia Tweed Heads is the Aladdin’s Cave of fabric
Fantazia Frabricland at Tweed Heads Fantazia Fabricland is the long version but I'm going to call this store 'Fantazia' for the purpose of brevity, and because that's what we locals call it.

Let me tell you why you need to get over to Fantazia at Tweed Heads South!

But before I launch into my rave about how good this place is, let me tell you a little about Kitty, the owner of Fantazia.

This isn't an article about a chain store. It is about a family-run business that has been serving happy customers for a very long time. And the service you receive at Fantazia reflects the wholesome values of a family-owned and run business. They might be a dying breed but family-owned businesses are the backbone of our nation and still hold a valuable place in our society.

Kitty is one heck of a strong woman!

When others would have given up, Kitty worked harder to keep her dream alive. Through determination and her strong spirit, Kitty has built up and maintained a haven for those who love craft of all kinds at very affordable prices.

I honestly don't know how we Northern New South Wales-ites would have survived the restricted movement saga without Kitty and Fantazia! She was there throughout the lockdown period for locals who needed supplies to keep them sane during isolation time. And don't worry, Kitty takes her COVID-19 safety plan seriously, so you'll be COVID-19 safe at Fantazia.

Now let's get down to business and look inside this amazing place called Fantazia.

Any kind of craft is therapeutic. It's a great (natural) way to de-stress after a tough day - or week.

But art and craft is more than just therapy.

Anything we make ourselves reduces the amount of mass-manufacturing, which hopefully will decrease the negative impact on our planet.

So instead of buying that new jumper or quilt, why not make your own?

If you're looking for inspiration try this super-easy crochet shawl pattern. You could buy the crochet hook and wool at Fantazia.

If knitting or sewing isn't your thing, check out the huge range of craft materials at Fantazia. Everything from beading to felt squares will have you creating a masterpiece in no time.

What's at Fantazia?

The first thing you'll notice, as you drive down the long driveway, is the size of the store in front of you.

It is huge!

Fantazia Fabricland
The sections are labelled to make finding things easier

But wait, there's more...

If you are interested in any kind of craftwork, you'll find what you need right here.

art,craft,therapy,Fantazia,Tweed Heads
Even your youngest Crafter could have fun with this lot

And to help you navigate your way through this vast wonderland of Fantazia, I've added some signposts (sections). So come on in and take a look around.

But hey, you're going to want to look behind all the doors because Fantazia is like finding the key to Aladdin's Cave.
Wool Knitted fabrics date back to the 11th Century, but crochet is the new kid on the block in comparison.

The Dutch magazine Penelope published patterns specifically for crochet in 1823. But did you know there is more to crochet than just a crochet hook and wool?

Two of my favourites are Tunisian Crochet and Hairpin Lace Crochet. Both are super-easy to do and a lot of fun as well.

hairpin lace crochet,Fantazia,Tweed Heads,crochet,
This is what you need for Hairpin Lace Crochet

I've never been good at knitting because it's hard to find the stitches I drop, but Tunisian crochet looks like knitting - without the worry of dropped stitches.

Tunisian crochet - it's like knitting with a crochet hook...

There is no shortage of wool at Fantazia.

I love the colours, especially the variegated variety. It gives people like me, who are colour-coordination challenged, a fighting chance of getting something right.

wool,knitting,crochet,craft,Fantazia,Tweed Heads
There is plenty of wool at Fantazia

If you haven't ventured into knitting yet, give it a go. Knitting has seen a bit of a revival lately (did it ever go away?) but don't think knitting is just for girls!

The gender divide has been blurring for a long time now. Women are just as likely to own power tools (and know how to use them!) as men. And men are taking to knitting like ducks to water.

YouTube and Pinterest have heaps of instructions for beginners. Once you've mastered the easy stuff, you'll be diving into the more complicated creations, like an Aran jumper, maybe. And if you get stuck, ask a seasoned knitter for help - it's a great way to meet people.

wool,knitting,crochet,craft,Fantazia,Tweed Heads
I love these colours!

chunky wool,Fantazia,Tweed Heads,wool,
You could make something super-fast with this chunky wool

You don't even need needles to make a chunky blanket. All you need is a big ball of chunky wool and your two arms. It might look crazy, but I'd love to try it.
Lace, Trims and Inspiration
My mind is racing with ideas for this fantastic lace!

Just drop me off in the Lace Section and pick me up in a week. I have a lot of favourite places in Fantazia but this has to be my most favourite place!

Add a bit of zing to whatever you are making...

I'd make something just to put this on, it is so beautiful!

We hear a lot these days about making things 'Pop!'. And lace and trims are where you start to make any garment Pop!. A layer of lace, or a fantastic trim will transform an ordinary garment into something Amazing!

I use a beautiful piece of stretch lace to fill in the gap between a low-cut top, and modesty - (young ones - you might need to look that word up...). It didn't bother me when I was young, but it does now.

Another thing that didn't bother me in my youth, but does now, is sleeves. At my age (not saying how old - just saying I'm not young), I look for tops that have a long sleeve, but they're not always easy to find. So, I compromise. I buy the short-sleeved or sleeveless top I love and add lace to form a long(ish) sleeve. Problem solved.

If you are still enjoying your youth, or are the parent of one, you'll be thinking of a Formal (or Prom). The lace you'll find at Fantazia could be the adornment you are looking for, or it could be the beginning of a beautiful Formal dress. Just add a stunning fabric under the lace, and you will be the 'belle of the ball' (sorry - I don't know the modern-day equivalent of that saying...).
Fabrics Whatever you want to make, you'll find the fabric you need at Fantazia.

There are general fabrics, quilting fabrics, and fabrics, especially for furnishings.

If you have a sewing machine, you need fabric.

With so many YouTube videos on how to do just about anything, you could be sewing in no time. From simple cushion covers to elaborate quilts, anything is possible. And if you can imagine it, Fantazia has the fabric for it.

This is just a fraction of what is available

I wish I could show you all the fabrics, but there are just too many...

Not having a sewing machine doesn't cut it as an excuse for not being creative. Did you know you can make an amazing blanket without any sewing? Not only is it easy, but it looks great and would be so soft and cuddly. You will need some fleece fabric for the blanket - and Fantazia has a whole lot of fabulous fleece fabrics. The hardest part will be deciding which one to buy.

Fabrics Galore!
This is Fabric Heaven!

The Gold in Aladdin's Cave

Fabric;Fantazia;Tweed Heads;Sewing;Craft;Furnishing;
Imagine what you could make with these...

Quilting Okay - this is where things get interesting. The range of quilting fabrics at Fantazia is outstanding! You will need to set aside a lot of hours to fully acquaint yourself with all the fabrics, and fat quarters (that's a high-tech quilting word) that are available.

These are irresistible ...

quilting,kids furnishings,sewing,
Quilting for your favourite kids?

Quilting has been around for a very long time. In bygone days, women didn't have access to the fabulous fabrics that we do today. They used anything they could find to make quilts to keep their families warm on cold nights.

A Rotary Cutter and a cutting mat makes cutting out fabric for quilting a whole lot easier. And Fantazia has a huge range of supplies to get you started or keep you going.

quilting,patchwork,squares,ruler,Fantazia,Tweed Heads
To keep the edges straight, you will need a ruler

Is there a veteran in your family you want to honour with a quilt?

If you have a sewing machine and want to show off a bit, a rag quilt is super easy. The slowest part is cutting out the squares, but if you use a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter you'll save a lot of time. And you will find all your quilting needs at Fantazia, including quality self-healing cutting mats (that means you can cut on them without cutting through them).

I have to admit, I cheated a little with my rag quilt - I cut up an old flannelette sheet for the middle layer. But if you don't have an old flannelette sheet, Kitty has the perfect middle layer, as well as the two fluffy outside layers, at Fantazia. Or you could use one fluffy and one ordinary outside layer, depending on how warm (and heavy) you want the quilt to be. But don't worry, whatever you decide to use, it's at Fantazia.

Oh, and don't forget the credit card. I challenge any quilter to come out of Fantazia without a truckload of quilting supplies.
Furnishing If you are into serious DIY, this is where you need to start your journey. Everything from curtain-fabric to something quirky to re-cover an old chair is right here in the furnishing section.

curtain rod,Fantazia,fabric,Tweed Heads
Need something to hang that new curtain on?

How about a retro tablecloth?

While you wait for the paint to dry on the up-cycled old kitchen chair, why not cut out some fabulous Fantazia fabric for a new cover as well? All you need is a bit of foam to soften the seat (and you can buy the foam at Fantazia), a pair of scissors to cut the fabric, and a staple gun to attach it to the chair.

And presto!, - you have a kitchen chair that will accommodate at least another generation (or two) of bottoms. Who knows, it might even become a family heirloom.

suede,Fantazia,furnishing,fabric,sewing,craft,Tweed Heads,
Does your chair need a new cover?

The Other Stuff...

Did someone say Buttons?

Fantazia,Tweed Heads,buttons,craft,sewing,
If you can't find the right button here, you're not looking hard enough...

Buttons have had many uses over the centuries. Their most functional use, of course, is to hold pieces together. In more modern times they have been used as an adornment, although, there was a revival of button-up jeans back in the Nineties (I've still got mine and love them!).

You could even consider starting your own version of the Pearly Kings and Queens of London. I reckon you'd find all the right buttons here. Can you imagine sewing all those buttons on?

Now that DIY is so popular, you might even want to add a large decorative button to a cushion. They look fantastic and keep everything in place.

And if you think buttons are just for decoration or holding fabric together, think again. Check out this link to find some great activities that you could do with your little crafters on a wet weekend or long school holidays.

Why not take your little crafters with you to Fantazia to choose their favourite buttons?

Do you need a fringe, bobbles, elastic or ribbon? It's all here

There's something about high-viz that really stands out.

You could add a bit of high-viz bobble or fringe to anything that needs to stand out in bad weather or in low light. How cool would a high-viz shirt be with a bit of high-viz fringe added? It would certainly stand out. And that's the idea of high-viz, right?

Don't forget matching thread and embellishments

Finding Your Way Out...

And this is the hardest part

With your basket overflowing, you head for the register at the door.

But wait!

"How did I not see that exquisite lace before?"

"Oh, I need a zipper for that skirt I'm making...".

"I forgot the matching thread!".

You finally make it to the smiling face of the staff member behind the register.

As you load the items from your basket onto the counter, you are shocked by how much you actually fitted into the basket. And then it dawns on you "Heck, how much is this going to cost?". You may even hold your breath as you await the final tally.

"What!", you say?

"Is that the total?".

"I thought it would be heaps more than that!".

And with a smile on your face, you leave the store and head back to the car. As you drive away you look back at the Fantazia Fabric and Patchwork store, with a promise to return to this wonderland of fabric and craft.

Fantazia really is an Aladdin's Cave of Fabric and Craft supplies!

To do this store justice, I would have had to write a mini-thesis. The photos included in this article are a tiny fraction of what this store holds. The best way is to gather some friends together and make a day trip to Fantazia at Tweed Heads, and just be amazed!

Prices noted are at time of writing and may fluctuate, but prices have been consistently low for many years.

The store is at the end of the long driveway just before Aldi on Machinery Drive, and there's plenty of parking.
Bus Trip,Opening Hours,Fantazia,Tweed Heads
Now there's a novel idea, why not organise a bus trip?
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Why? This is a family-owned business and the service reflects the values of the dedicated owner and helpful staff who cater for your needs.
When: Monday - Saturday 9:30 to 5:00pm & Sunday - by appointment
Phone: 07 5523 2000
Where: 5 Machinery Drive, Tweed Heads South, NSW
Cost: Depends on purchase but very affordable (prices noted are at time of writing only)
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To note our hours aren't correct- it should be Monday - Saturday 9:30 to 5:00pm & Sunday - by appointment
by craso (score: 0|6) 868 days ago
Fabulous article, Maureen, great to 'see' you back!
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