Family Beach Activities on the Gold Coast

Family Beach Activities on the Gold Coast


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Did you know that the sand on the Gold Coast is largely granite based? I learnt this fact at a Coast Ed presentation that I took my two children to. My son's review " The best bit was the sand in the scopes. " Read on to find out more.

My father was a keen fisherman and as a result my two sisters and I were dragged thru many mangroves and sand dunes as children and teenagers in his quest for the ultimate fishing spot. We learnt to appreciate the coastal environment in all of its forms and that was hard in those days as people were still dumping rubbish in mangroves and dunes etc. and the result was that they weren't terribly inviting places. We understood the importance of not to pollute as these places were the nurseries for all of the seafood he was trying to catch and encourage us to catch. It is funny how some of the locations he dragged us to 30 years ago have now been opened up with great boardwalks, picnic grounds and other facilities (such as showers and toilets) which my sisters and I would have greatly appreciated and probably would have been more willing participants.

I am a great believer in kids being familiar with the environment ( Eco Friendly Kids Activities ) and try to get them out at least once a month to experience something outside our backyard (between swimming, tennis and birthday parties it can be quite a challenge). Now, being a biology teacher I have an advantage over many parents as I have a bit of an idea of what my kids will find interesting and I know how to explain the what, why and how. Parents need not hesitate any longer as a I have found a great resource that allows kids to be involved in the environment - Beach Care and Coast Ed .

Beach Care and Coast Ed are provided by The Coastal Community Engagement Program an initiative of the Gold Coast City Council and Griffith University Centre for Coastal Management . There is a school program and if you are a teacher like myself you will find they have aligned all of the workshops with ACARA (I hear all teachers scream with glee) and there is a community program that offers weekend and holiday activities .
Beach Care
Family friendly activities occurring mostly on Saturday mornings that include the planting of native dune plants, removing weeds and picking up beach litter. The list of beaches extends from Paradise Point to Rainbow Bay.
Calendar of events.

Coast Ed
Offering various school programs as well as community programs. The community programs include:
%%Magical mangroves
Rocky rambles
What's that plant? and beach care
Sand studies and sand art %%

Some other activities through the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management are Clean beaches and Seagrass watch .

Queensland has some of the best beaches in the world so get out and enjoy them if not only for a great day out but because research shows that outdoor education enriches children's lives in fundamental ways.

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