Fake It Till You Make It - TV Series Review

Fake It Till You Make It - TV Series Review


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Adapted from the novel Apocalypse by Liu Cui Hu, Fake It Till You Make It is a Chinese drama with mature romance without romantic cliché.

Tang Yin (played by Elvira Chai) and Xi Zi Quan (played by Elvis Han), the centre of this drama, meet accidentally at the aeroplane. Tang Yin has to borrow Zi Quan's charger because her mobile phone has a low battery. But because Tang Yin is in a hurry for a work meeting, she forgets to return Zi Quan's charger.

There are many intricate, both at Tang Yin’s workplace and also Zi Quan’s workplace. Tang Yin is a young lawyer who tries to climb up to the next level but gets a lot of obstacles from her supervisor. While investment company where Zi Quan works is full of people who try to bite each other in order to survive or get a project. Both of them are floored with work and sometimes don’t have time for themselves. Long hours and overworked, make them become slaves of their work and don’t have private life.

On one occasion, Tang Yin Law Company and Zi Quan Investment Company worked for the same client on a new project. They meet again and work together on this project. As they start to spend more time together, they begin to rethink their "friendship" into a "dating relationship". Not without a few bumps and wake-up calls along the way.

Even though both of them worked so hard for this project, uncertain factors made this project fail and cost their carer. Zi Quan has to move from being one of the top managers in his company to just handling small projects in urban areas. Tang Yin’s supervisor gets fired and Tang Yin herself loses her opportunity to handle big projects in her company.

This Chinese drama offers something different than other dramas. Besides the mature conversation between the two lead characters, this drama gives a real glimpse of young working women in most Asia countries. Women, not only in Asia, have to prove themselves twice as hard and twice better than men to get the same recognition. Another highlight of this drama is its original soundtracks. It's an outstanding OST. Fake It Till You Make It can be watched through streaming platforms.


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