Fairies Reborn Magic Nursery - Haunted Doll Museum

Fairies Reborn Magic Nursery - Haunted Doll Museum


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Just before Christmas, on a visit to Maryborough Queensland, I met the owners of the Fairies Reborn Magic Nursery and the Haunted Doll Museum , which is located in the heritage-listed Engineers Arms Hotel on the Five Ways Corner.

While looking for a special place to house the largest haunted doll collection in Australia, Silvia came across one of Maryborough’s heritage-listed sites and knew it was the perfect place to highlight her multitude of incredible dolls, oddities and curiosities, paranormal artefacts, some weird, old and some bizarre.

Silvia pictured here in costume, so suited to the Museum and its contents.

Silvia is a certificated artisan with over ten years of experience in the production of lifelike Reborn Dolls. I was quite astounded when handed one to nurse, that they were indeed lifelike in weight and features. At one point in time, Silvia had worked in disability and aged care and these lifelike dolls gave great comfort to those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Reborn dolls are so authentic looking, both in appearance and weight.

Silvia is holding beginners and intermediate Reborn Doll Making Courses and for more information on these, you can contact her on 0401 635 423. Children’s classes are available during school holidays.

Shelves and shelves of Teddy's and stuffed toys on display

If you have a Doll or Teddy Bear that needs repairing, please bring the item into the Doll Hospital where a quotation will be provided, and a repair undertaken. It is essential that you bring the doll in yourself, as each doll is as individual as you are.

Warning on one of the glass cases inside the haunted area.

Upon walking into the entrance of the Museum, I noticed to my left was a huge room filled with Halloween, haunted figurines, a coffin and interactive dolls that moved and spoke. It was quite fascinating and on a dark rainy night, around Halloween, this would be the perfect place for a party and drinks. There are also dolls In this room displayed in locked glass cabinets with signs on the bottom of the cabinets advising not to open them. The signs advise that if you did open the cabinets, the dolls could bring the owner bad luck or even death. I have seen many haunted doll movies over the years and there is no way I would open one of those cabinets, whether it was placebo or for real, my mind would be too scared to do so.

Some of the exhibits were interactive with the public, which would create an eerie effect in the dark.

As the building was an old hotel with stories of ghostly sightings and many deaths of early settlers to the town, Silvia will be hosting night activities and ghost tours at the premises. If you are interested in becoming a paranormal investigator, Silvia is on hand to assist.

Amish Dolls, dolls without faces.

The hallway of the downstairs part of the premises winds around with rooms coming off each side. All the rooms are filled with hundreds of dolls and rooms themed to incorporate dolls from around the world, Marvel and hero dolls, sci-fi dolls from movies, life-size characters, for example Captain Jack Sparrow and friends, teddy bears, stuffed animal dolls, Barbie, Disney characters, Cabbage Patch dolls, Father Christmas, miniature dolls Amish dolls, coloured dolls - in fact, this collection contains between 27,000 to 28,000 dolls and so many are still in boxes waiting for their chance for stardom on the shelves.

Movie-themed displays

Entry to the Museum is $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for students and concession holders and children to the age 12 is $6.00 each. A family of two adults and three children will only pay $30.00 and group packages can be arranged at set prices.

A favourite of mine

This Haunted Doll Museum is like nothing else you have ever seen or will see, and hours can easily be spent looking, reminiscing and discussing this magnificent collection, which has been carefully preserved over the years of accumulating.

Dolls from all over the World

The Haunted Doll Museum is open from 9.30 to 2.30pm from Friday to Sunday of each week. During the summer holidays, the museum is also open on Thursdays, which is Market Day in the Heritage City. Information can be sourced by emailing Silvia at [email protected] or calling 0401 635 423.

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