Extraordinary Mind Project - Join a FREE Introductory Workshop

Extraordinary Mind Project - Join a FREE Introductory Workshop


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Tue 09 Apr 2024 - Sat 20 Apr 2024

Unlock creativity that CHANGES (y)our world! …

Discover brain-aware secrets for finding and setting free startling levels of hidden creativity that you didn't know (or remember) you have.

It’s magical! A participant captured the feeling of the experience ...

Looking down at the page at her just completed drawing, she was heard saying, “I know it was me because I was here!”

Surprise and delight and wonder! How did that happen?

What if YOU could experience astonishment at being able to do something that you would NOT have thought possible, and have your confidence gone through the roof?

NB: This is not woo-woo. What you have done looks too good and feels so easy and like you didn’t do the work because, on the conscious level, you didn’t!

What has happened? You’ve found out
  • how to slip past some patterning and
  • let the creative subconscious know what question you want it to work on, and
  • how to get out of its brilliant new-connection-making way ...
  • so that new things can happen!

    As Abraham Maslow might say, “You have transcended your old sense of self”. This is a new you, capable of thinking, feeling and doing this fabulous new thing!

    Some responses from other participants:
    “I feel like I can do anything! I really do!” ~ Naomi A.
    “This provides you with the tools and brain knowledge, and the permission, to explore your creative abilities."  ~ Murray D., schoolteacher
    “Very different to other courses. Feel more potential in life, other abilities.” ~ Mina J., medical doctor
    “It’s been the single most rewarding course I have ever done.” ~ Karen Twort, industry trainer/facilitator
    “I loved it - all of it. It has given me more confidence to try new things without worrying about how others will judge me. Thanks, Jan, awesome and stress-free sessions.” ~ Joanna Lee

    NB: This method is not skill-specific. Improving your drawing ability out of sight is a perfect, simple context for learning the method.

    It’s your key to accessing all hidden creativity, i.e. it gives the freedom and tools to go ahead and light up any area of your life (art and non-art).

    See participants' stories on their outcomes during and after Extraordinary Mind Project courses on the website Transformations page:   www.extraordinarymind.com.au/transformations. For example:

    YOU ARE INVITED to a new creativity adventure - a free Your Extraordinary Mind – the Brain-Aware Workshop.

    It’s an opportunity for a 2.5-hour immersion in curiosity and exploration of being extraordinarily more creative and talented than you thought (or remember) ... and what that could mean for you!

    In summary, you’ll

  • Hear essential background information about the practical mechanics of the brain and how to work with it so that you can tune into creativity networks, flow state, your higher potential, and aliveness more deliberately and deeply than adults usually can.

  • See 'before & after' examples that show how the Extraordinary Mind Project process works in the context of transforming drawing ability.

  • Begin your adventure right away with some specially designed, simple drawing exercises.

  • NB: Extraordinary Mind Project is a competition - and comparison-free environment. It works whether you’re a stickman-level drawer, a practising artist, or not interested in drawing and art - anyone curious about creativity and having more of it in life.

    The workshop is a fun, informative, and transforming event! Well worth attending. No obligation.

    FREE Introductory Workshops are on ...
    9 April Tue 7.00-9.30 pm Murdoch
    13 April Sat 10 am-12.30 pm Murdoch
    20 April Sat 10 am-12.30 pm Murdoch

    The associated course is available in two formats: 2 weekend intensive and 8 weekly sessions:

    Draw Your Way To Creativity 2-Weekend Intensive course is on:
    Saturday & Sunday, 9.30 am - 3.30 pm.
    27 & 28 April and 4 & 5 May, Murdoch
    Draw Your Way To Creativity 8-Week course is on:
    Tuesdays, 7.00 - 9.30 pm, May 7 - June 25, Murdoch.

    You can start unlocking the creativity that will CHANGE (y)our world here ...

    SECURE YOUR PLACE:  www.extraordinarymind.com.au/calendar

    For more information, contact [email protected] or Jan on 0488755088 or visit www.facebook.com/extraordinarymindproject.

    What participants say about the Workshop:
    “Hi Jan, Great to meet you and thank you so much for your excellent introductory session on Monday evening.” ~ Andy Vigor, engineer

    “Hello Jan, Thank you for an informative and perspective-shifting evening last night in Joondalup.” ~ Julie F

    “Hi Jan, I can’t express how much I got out of your introductory workshop this morning. It had a profound effect on me. And very little to do with drawing! Heartfelt thanks. What a wonderful Life’s Work you have created.” ~ Deb G

    “Hi Jan, thank you for last night; I really appreciated your passion and skills.” ~  Aidan Casey

    Extraordinary Mind Project 'Before & After' Exhibition of participants' achievements, Undercroft, UWA, opened by then Minister for Culture and the Arts, the Hon John Day.

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