Explore Babinda Town

Explore Babinda Town


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Adventures in the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland.

Babinda is a lovely and bright town on the Bruce Hwy, just one hour from Cairns. The town is almost completely surrounded by endless sugar cane fields and banana plantations and lies on the fringe of the enchanting Wooroonooran National Park, which includes the two highest mountains in Queensland, Mount Bartle Frere (1622m) and Mount Bellenden Kerr (1593m).

Babinda town is a great place where to stay for your adventures in the Atherton Tablelands, it provides all that the travellers need for an outstanding experience. Stay longer and enjoy what the town and its surrounding have to offer.

Babinda is a service town boasting different shops, including Spar Supermarket and Babinda Butcher Shop. Places to eat are Babinda Taverna & Amore Ristorante, Babinda Bakery, Kool Spot Café and Babinda State Hotel. You can find accommodations at Babinda Quarters and also Babinda State Hotel offers rooms. There is also a library, police station, Babinda Museum and an excellent Information Centre. In the 2021 census, the locality of Babinda recorded a population of 4,568 people.

Babinda comes from the Yindiji words "bunna binda, which means "water passing over your shoulder, referring to the water flowing over the famous boulders in Babinda Creek.

Babinda is taking over Tully for being Australia's wettest town, with an average rainfall of 4.5m per year. In 2010, the town recorded 7040.2mm of water, a real record!

Detail of a colourful mural in Babinda.


Activities to enjoy in Babinda town and the Babinda area.

Babinda Hotel and The Quarters for accommodation
Free camping at Rotary Parks and The Boulders
Kool Spot Cafe, Babinda Bakery and Babinda Hotel for food
Theatre, Babinda Museum, Golf, lawn bowls, kayaking
Bushwalking Mount Bartle Frere and Goldfield Trail
Walking up Walshs Pyramid
Camping, bushwalking and swimming at Babinda Boulders
Walking and swimming at Josephine Falls
Swimming and picnicking at the Golden Hole
Eubenangee Wetlands walk
Babinda Harvest Festival
Snorkelling and scuba diving at Frankland Islands National Park


Babinda State Hotel.

As soon as you step into town, the historic Babinda State Hotel makes a great first impression. It was built in 1917 during prohibition by the State Government, and very unique in its genre. The Government reasoned that building the hotel would help to control the circle of alcohol and give accommodation to the seasonal workers.

The hotel has been part of the Babinda community for over a century, offering good food and accommodation to workers and travellers. The external façade is heritage listed and the building exudes the charm of the past. The hotel has a restaurant with a large dining room, coffee lounge, functions area and a great outdoor deck.

The hotel offers nice accommodation, a room with a queen bed, sleeps 2, with an ensuite $75 per night.

For enquiries, please contact the Hotel at 40671202 or send an email to [email protected].

Babinda State Hotel has been part of the Babinda community for more than one hundred years.

The Quarters.

The Quarters is a guesthouse boasting a beautiful classic Art Deco. It used to be a nursing home and then businesswoman Margaret Nelson restored the building and converted it into a fifteen-room guesthouse.

It features two communal kitchens, a luscious tropical garden all around the property, coin laundry and street parking.

The twin ensuite room has two sleeping areas with a queen bed and a single bed from $160.

Babinda Quarters is managed by Babinda Quarters
Office Hours: 7 Days
Address: 30 Knowles Street, Babinda, QLD 4861

One of the charming rooms of The Quarters. Image credit https://www.facebook.com/babindaquarters

Babinda Bakery.

Babinda Bakery is at the centre of the town along Munro Street, which is the principal thoroughfare. The bakery has been operating for several years in the lovely town, employing many bakers and staff behind the counters. Babinda Bakery is famous for its pies and cream buns, both presenting a generous filling and bursting with flavours.

The bakery is visited by locals and travellers, generally, there is a lineup to get inside, but the service is excellent and fast. Cream buns are everywhere and filled up with the sweetest cream; there are bee stings, matchsticks, slices, lamingtons, apple and blueberry turnovers.

Pies include lamb and rosemary, pepper and steak, curry and hot chilli, beef tomato cheese and onions, all full of meat and flavours. Babinda Bakery is certainly the heart of the wettest town in Queensland, enriching the small community and creating memories for visitors.

The cabinets are full of buns overflowing with cream; there are also Bee Sting, Iced vovo, coconut slices, chocolate slides, Cherry ripe slides, Lemon cheesecake slices, and chocolate brownies, just to mention a few of the mouthwatering bakery products all made in the premises.

Kool Spot Cafe.

Kool Spot Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, offering daily specials, great fish and chips and burgers. The menu boasts a variety of home-style meals, kids' meals, all for very reasonable prices. The atmosphere of the café is lovely and the service is efficient and friendly.

A pleasant place to visit after a swim in the Babinda Boulders or after visiting the Babinda Museum.

The café is open Sunday to Thursday from 7:30am to 8:00pm, Friday and Saturday from 7:30am to 9:00pm. Kool Spot is at 103 Munro St, Babinda QLD 4861.
Phone: (07) 4067 1881

Kool Spot Cafe serves delicious home-style food in the tranquil town of Babinda. Service options are dine-in and takeaway. Image credit https://www.facebook.com/koolspotcafe

Native Creations.

Native Creations is a 100% Aboriginal-owned and operated business producing authentic hand-crafted artifacts and original paintings.

The artworks showcase the vibrant colours and original symbols of the Dreamtime. The authentic and unique artworks include beautiful clothes, didgeridoos, returning boomerangs, clapsticks, jewellery, paintings and emu callers.

20 Moretto Street Babinda, Queensland
40672113 or 0458357883 or 0487925902 (Estelle),
[email protected]

Opening hours by Appointment
Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: closed.

Barramundi feeding. Image credit https://www.facebook.com/NativeCreationsArt

Babinda Kayaking.

Babinda Creek is permanently fed by the rainfalls on Mount Bartle Frere and Mount Bellenden Ker. There is enough water on the creek to enjoy kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.

In the fresh pristine waters of the creek, there are fish, turtles and platypus.

It is required a minimum of 2 people per booking, Half or Full Day, including kayak pick-up & return to your car, prices start from $50.

Babinda Kayaking is at 330 Stager Rd, Babinda (Mirriwinni) QLD 4861
It is open every day from 7:30am to 6:00pm
Closed on Wednesday
Phone: 0438 405 661

Babinda Kayaking in the beautiful waters streaming down the mountains of Wooroonooran National Park. Image credit https://babindakayaking.com.au/

Babinda Boulders.

Rainfalls on Mount Bartle Frere -Chooreechillum-, feed Babinda Creek which runs on a bed of granite boulders, forming pools and falls. The water is cool, translucent, with surreal hue of colours. Babinda Boulders is a very popular swimming waterhole, especially in summer when the water remains cold.

The waterfalls are treacherous and the deep holes are dangerous, you must stay away from the No Go Zone.

There are beautiful pools where to swim safely and enjoy the waterholes in the rainforest at Babinda Boulders.

Nearby there is a free camping ground, The Boulders Free Camping Ground, where you can set up your base. Go back for a stroll through the forest to Devil's Pool Lookout and to Boulders Gorge Lookout, a short walk of 600 m one way. The trailhead to Goldfield is near the playground.

From Babinda town drive on Munro Street, which then becomes The Boulders Road and Bartle Frere Goldfield Road. It's a short drive of 6 km from Babinda town, it takes about seven minutes.

There are amazing pristine pools where it is possible to swim safely.

Josephine Falls.

In the foothills of Queensland’s highest peak, Josephine River forms a spectacular multi-tiered fall. Like Babinda Boulders, Josephine Falls is a natural attraction well known by the local people and by travellers.

Mount Bartle Frere has clouds most of the time and the regular rains support the rainforest and many streams run down the mountain in the rugged wilderness of the Wooroonooran National Park.

Josephine Falls is very popular for swimming and on the hot summer days offers fresh water and coolness, being nestled in the forest, in the shade of Mount Bartle Frere. Like at Babinda Boulders, there is a No Go Zone, since the possibility of sudden rise of the level of the water and slippery rocks pose great dangers.

While at Babinda Boulders there is a ramp to make it easier to enter the water, at Josephine Falls you have to be more careful when entering the creek. The waterhole at the base is safe for swimming and you can view the No Go Zone by three platforms. The trail is all sealed and it is wheelchair friendly.

From Babinda town drive on the Bruce Hwy, pass the little town of Mirriwinni and turn right onto Bartle Frere Road, turn right onto Price Road and then right onto Josephine Falls Road. There is a carpark with toilet facilities, information boards and Mount Bartle Frere East Trail Head.

Josephine Falls, swimming surrounded by the rainforest in Wooroonooran National Park which is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Hiking Mount Bartle Frere, Goldfield Trail and Walshs Pyramid.

Mount Bartle Frere is for experienced hikers due to the length and difficulty of the track. The trail to the summit of Mount Bartle Frere, or Chooreechillum is amazing, through the wilderness of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Distance is 15km return, access from Josephine Falls carpark, on the East side of the mountain. The trail starts at an altitude of 100m and rises to 1,611m at the summit.
The trail follows the 1890s route taken by the tin miners to reach the mines near the summit.

There is also access to the mountain from the west side. Distance is 15km return, but the trail starts at 700m altitude and rises to 1,611m at the summit. It is less steep than the east side. The trailhead is at the Junction camping area.

Goldfield Trail was made by prospectors in the 1930s when searching for gold. It was then abandoned, but it was reopened in 1986 thanks to a project run by volunteers.

The trail starts at Babinda Boulders, just near the playground. It is 19km one way, allowing 7-9 hours; the trail is classified as hard due to the length and the steepness.
The trail follows while Babinda Creek upstream in Wooroonooran National Park and it ends at the Goldsborough Valley camping area.

Walshs Pyramid rises 822 m with its unmistakable shape on the east side of the town of Gordonvale. The hike is very steep and it is classified as very hard. The trail is 6 km return, allow 5-6 hours. The track up to the summit is steep and rocky, with low vegetation, so there is no shade. The summit allows 360 degrees views of the ranges and the surrounding landscapes.
The trailhead of Walshs Pyramid is at Walshs Pyramid carpark. From the town of Gordonvale follow the Bruce Hwy to the east; after the Desmond Trannore Bridge on the Mulgrave River, turn right onto Moss Road. From Gordonvale it takes only 5 minutes, and 3km.

A very steep hike up the highest free-standing pyramid in the world. The trail starts at 20 metres, to the top at 884 metres. Image credit to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walshs_Pyramid

Eubenangee Swamp National Park.

Eubenangee Swamp National Park is a very important wetland in the Wet Tropics and it is known worldwide for its unique ecosystem with different plants, including vines forest, grassland, paperbarks and sedges. The variety of vegetation and water attracts many birds. Over 200 species of birds have been recorded in the swamp.

An easy trail follows Alice River in the rainforest and then it heads to the top of the grassy hill with views of the swamp and also of Mount Bartle Frere. The track is 1.5km return, allow 30 minutes.
You need a pair of binoculars to spot the birds in the swamp from the top of the hill.

The waters of the swamp are also inhabited by saltwater crocodiles, so it’s unwise to near the shores.

View of the wetlands from the top of the hill.

There are a few signs warning of the presence of saltwater crocodiles. Stay away from the shores of Alice River and of the wetlands.

A male crocodile is out of the water trying to warm up in the winter sun. Far North Queensland is the realm of saltwater crocodiles, do not enter the water or go near them.

Babinda Information Centre.

Babinda Information Centre is a great place where to stop and collect useful information about Babinda town, Atherton Tablelands, Cairns and beyond.

The information centre has been operating since 1995 and it is run solely by awesome volunteers. The information centre can help you to plan your itinerary, where to go and what to do. It has a massive amount of brochures and maps.
The information centre is located in a quaint small building that it used to be the police station.
The information centre is at 1 Munro St, Babinda QLD 4861
It is open daily from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Sunday is open from 9:00am 12:30pm
Phone: (07) 4067 1008

Babinda Information Centre is located in the tiny building that used to be the police station.

Bizarre but True, Golden Gumboot Competition.

Every year the Queensland towns of Tully and Babinda compete for the Golden Gumboot. The town that has more rainfall wins the prize!

The town of Tully has an average rainfall of over 4 metres per year. The town holds the record for the highest-ever annual rainfall in a populated area in Australia, in 1950, Tully registered 7.93m of rain!

The town of Babinda is receiving constant rain and it is recording the highest rainfall in the region for the last ten years.

Even though Babinda has more rainfall than Tully, the Golden Gumboot monument was placed in Tully. The boot is made of fibreglass, it is 7.9m tall, and it has a spiral staircase and photos of the 1950s flood. Visitors can visit the boot and climb to the top and view the city from there.

The Golden Gumboot at Tully. The Golden Gumboot stands just outside the town's main street. Image credit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Gumboot

Sugar Trains.

Babinda town is crossed a few times a day by trains pulling an endless number of bins full of freshly cut sugar cane to the sugar mills. There are traffic lights that go on and sirens warning the arrival of trains.

Make sure to pay attention to the signals and give way to the trains.

The passages of the sugar cane trains are very frequent, especially during the crushing season. The locomotives haul endless trains of bins.

More Useful Information.

It is useful to know that Babinda has a Health Centre Pharmacy with a medical centre. The Health Centre is located at 1/93-95 Munro St, Babinda QLD 4861, phone: (07) 4067 1438.

There is also a small hospital with an emergency department, 128 Munro St, phone · (07) 4067 8200.

There is a petrol station at 177 Howard Kennedy Dr, Babinda QLD 4861, phone 0414552637. Zenna General Store and Fuel also sell bait, ice, cold drinks, some grocery products, and coffee and smoke items.

The Australia Post - Babinda LPO- is located at 96 Munro St, Babinda QLD 4861, phone (07) 4067 1147.

Babinda has still much to offer and you can find Babinda Skate Park at 17 King St, Babinda QLD 4861, phone 1800 034 588.

There is a public swimming pool for cooling off and learning to swim, at 30 Church Street, phone (07) 4067 1211. There is Babinda Bowling Club, 110 Munro St, Babinda QLD 4861; Babinda Fishing Club and Babinda Golf Club.

You won't believe that this small town in the forest has a paintball, Babinda Paintball
Boulders Road, Babinda QLD 4861, Ph. (07) 4067 1116, Mob. 0488 486 196.

Babinda town is a great place to explore and to stay.

Find Babinda Town.

From Cairns drive south on the Bruce Hwy, pass Gordonvale town and keep driving for about 50 minutes, 59km. Turn right onto Munro Street, which is the main street in Babinda town where most of the businesses and attractions are located.

Top Highlights.

Admire the beautiful waters of Babinda Boulders
Walking to Josephine Falls
Hike Mount Bartle Frere
Taste the pastries at Babinda Bakery
See a cassowary in the wild
See a crocodile in the wild
Visiting the Information Centre

Sunset at Babinda town.

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