Ex-HMAS Adelaide Dive Site

Ex-HMAS Adelaide Dive Site


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If you love to dive and explore the world below the seas, there is a treat waiting for you at Terrigal. Ex-HMAS Adelaide , a former Australian naval warship was purposely prepared and sunk to create an artificial dive reef on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The dive site is about 1.8km off Avoca Beach, and is near Terrigal in 32 metres of water. This dive site is a good chance for divers with a range of experience, attracting tourists from across the world.

This is a unique experience, where divers will get to explore a naval warship from a different perspective than they get at the Australian National Maritime Museum . Whilst you get to explore the ships in moorings at the museum, the dive site offers divers a chance to swim through a 138.1 metre ship with diver access holes placed throughout for diving groups to explore the reef and wreck. You also get to check out part of Australia’s naval history, and see what life under the sea can do to a ship, as you examine the life that has sprung during its years beneath the waves, and the creatures that now call it home.

If you are diving there, you get to explore the captain’s chair, console, and chart table, the helicopter hangars, and the operations room, which still has shells of weapons and sensor consoles to explore, as well as the crew’s cafeteria and some of the bunks and amenities. To book, head to Ex-HMAS Adelaide and follow the links to an email address to book, as well as additional information about the dive site to prepare for your visit. Prodive also has some good information about the dive, booking, and prices, so check their website out as well to ensure you get the best information possible from all sources to make your trip and dive a memorable one.

The Ex-HMAS Adelaide was scuttled in 2011, and is now home to a healthy marine community of marine life including giant eastern cuttlefish, eastern blue groper, kingfish, blennies, yellowfish, octopus, banner fish and bat fish, and many more, which will enhance your diving experience, and your visit to the coast as you partake in something a little bit different to what people usually do. Spend your holiday or weekend in Terrigal doing a bit of everything, and if you’re a diver, this might be something you can check off your list as a unique experience.


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