Exercise, Eat Clean, Love Yourself: A Personal 10-Day Transformation

Exercise, Eat Clean, Love Yourself: A Personal 10-Day Transformation


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Mon 11 Mar 2024

Back by popular demand: The Exercise Therapist has just launched their reviltalising REBOOT program for 2024.

Starting Monday, 11 March 2024: This exceptional 10-day exercise and clean eating program is designed to help you establish healthier habits and build a stronger, recharged version of yourself.

Exercise physiologist Katie Stewart, aka The Exercise Therapist, said REBOOT is more than just a fitness challenge; it's a transformative experience that empowers you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

"This program is designed to energise and revitalise participants, no matter their fitness level or health status," Katie said.

"Whether you're looking to shed extra kilos, shape up for a special occasion, or simply improve your overall health, REBOOT will help you get back on track in a nurturing, emotionally supportive environment."

Katie’s approach has proven so popular and affective that she has been running REBOOT programs for more than 20 years.

In just 10 days, REBOOT promises to provide a complete overhaul for the body, inside and out, enabling you to unlock your full potential and achieve key wellness goals.

“Committing to one hour a day of The Exercise Therapist’s tailored exercises, plus our clean eating plan is enough to unleash a new you in a short space of time,” Katie said.

Why Choose REBOOT?

1. Comprehensive Mindset Booklet: Gain valuable insights and strategies for cultivating a positive mindset and achieving lasting change.
2. Expert-Led Training Sessions: Participate in 10 days of exercise physiology-led training sessions, including boxing, yoga, pilates, strength, core, and HIIT cardio, tailored to suit individual needs and preferences.
3. Clean Eating Plan: Enjoy a 10-day clean eating plan with delicious recipes designed to nourish the body and support optimal health.
4. Daily Motivation and Support: Stay motivated and engaged with daily inspiration and positive psychology tools to keep you on track throughout the program.
"Our goal with REBOOT is to provide a holistic approach to health and wellness, addressing both physical and mental wellbeing," Katie said.

"Participants will not only see improvements in their physical fitness but also experience a positive shift in their mindset and overall outlook on life."

Ready to REBOOT? Join The Exercise Therapist for an incredible 10-day journey of self discovery and transformation. The program is priced at $299 and includes all program inclusions listed above. Private health rebates apply for those who are eligible.

To sign up and secure your spot, click the link below:

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your health and embark on a path to lifelong wellness with REBOOT.

For more information or inquiries, please call 9385 1430.

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