Event Cinemas: Gold Class

Event Cinemas: Gold Class


Posted 2012-10-04 by Frisky fingersfollow
I'm a big ol' movie buff. I see everything I want to see at the Movies, instead of waiting before it comes out on DVD. Maybe it's the large screen, the popcorn, the anticipation or the whole experience that pulls me in every time. The only exceptions are really B-grade scary movies, then I can happily wait till they come out on DVD.

I had never been to Gold Class before, but had always wanted to try it out. I won two free tickets, so it was the perfect chance. I booked over the phone, for the movie "Looper", the booking fee was $6. Is it just me or is that a bit steep for a booking fee? Anyway, I wasn't complaining since the tickets were free.

Arriving, I loved how dim and private the waiting area was and the staff service was divine. We skimmed through the menu for dinner. The prices ranged from about $10 to $30 (including entrees, mains and desserts). We ordered "Fries done 3 ways" for $16 each, and requested it to be brought out in the first quarter.

After sitting for a few minutes, the staff came round and told us when the doors opened for the movie. We found our seats, sat down and then took in the surroundings. We were sitting on leather recliner chairs, which you could control to go back and forth and even put up a seat rest (ahhh, I was in comfort heaven), they even had a button you could press for when you wanted service. The whole cinema had a nice spacey feel about it, with only about 40 seats and plenty of room between them all.

When the movie started, we only waited about a half hour until our drinks were brought out and then another ten minutes for our food. It's hard to make a bowl of chips taste bad, but somehow they managed. One was a cheesy chip, which tasted like a foot, another was an onion ring, which was bland and the last lot, were sweet potato chips, which were nice but after the third chip, it was enough sweetness. I think we just made a bad menu choice, because looking at the guy across from me, he had a banana split dessert, and that looked incredible!

All in all, it was a good experience. Do I recommend it? If you have a lot of money to spare, why not. Better comfort and service. However if you aren't a millionaire, I think it's more enjoyable if you wait until there is a movie out you really want to see and are looking forward to it. That way it wouldn't feel like a rip off and you can make a night of it, with drinks and dinner or lunch.

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