Estadia by Hatten

Estadia by Hatten


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When it comes to planning a holiday, browsing through accommodation options is one of my favourite parts of the process. But when you're looking for ample room for five people, it starts to get tricky. My friends and I wanted to find a place to stay during our weekend trip to Melaka, and we were insistent on finding one room or suite that could fit all of us.

We decided to go with because of their Deluxe Suite , which comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living area. Just enough space for our party of five!

Parking was not an issue, though we did experience some confusion finding it. The hotel is actually accessible through a mall, Hatten Square , which is located in the Malacca City Centre. Guests can park their vehicles at special reserved lots in the mall's multi-storey car park.

I really loved the decor at Estadia. Inspired by the Peranakan style synonymous with Malacca's rich cultural heritage, the hotel was beautifully furnished. From colourful floor tiles to bright, popping colours and watercolour paintings of the town adorning the walls, it is quite unlike other hotels I have been to.

Our suite was especially gorgeous. The two bedrooms come with twin beds and a King sized bed, with TVs available in each room. After a long day of driving from home and trotting around the city, the plush beds and cool temperature was a welcome respite from the humidity outdoors.

The windows overlook a part of the city, and benches along the glass offer a comfy perch while reading a novel or just to watch the world outside.

Every room seemed to have its own colour theme and unique decorations. I was happy to just walk through the suite and admire the wall hangings and patterns found throughout.

I had a good night's sleep here, what with the comfortable pillows and bedding. When I woke up in the morning, I was wishing that we could stay another day, just so I could enjoy the bed again.

The living area was also especially pretty, with the white patterned frame stretching over one wall. However, the sofa was not quite as comfortable as the beds. Not pictured here is a tiny kitchenette tucked next to the front door. It has just enough space for a mini refrigerator and a water heater for tea and coffee.

Another plus side to this suite is the two bathrooms. You know that when you're travelling in a group of five girls, there would be a scrum for the toilet!

Both bathrooms are ensuite to each bedroom, with one of them connecting to the living hall. The furnishings were quite luxurious.

I loved the body lotion provided here. It smells delightful and felt so smooth against my skin. The packaging for all the toiletries were all very sweet, with the same pattern you will be able to find throughout the hotel.

We also purchased breakfast with the room, so we went down the next morning to check out the offerings. Breakfast is served in the Makan Nyonya restaurant accessible from the main reception. The restaurant was also in theme with the rest of the hotel - bright, cheerful colours and Peranakan patterns adorn the walls and furniture.

Breakfast was enjoyable, and if you decide to stay, do try to go down early. As we were there towards the end of the breakfast session, they were steadily running out of some of the more popular choices - I wasn't able to taste the mango yoghurt for instance. But my favourite from the buffet was the noodle station, where you can mix and match your choice of noodles and toppings. The soup that came with it was very tasty.

I truly enjoyed my stay there, and the Jonker Walk inspired portion of the mall that connects to the hotel is definitely worth a look. There are a lot of quirky items for sale and some really nice clothes as well.

That's another thing to note - if you brought your own vehicle, you will have to make quite a walk through the mall before you will reach the hotel proper. But there is an entrance that can be taken from the ground level, though it is a bit hidden. The staff that we met in the shopping mall were very helpful with pointing us to directions around the area.

That was just a minor thing though. My only real regret was that I could not stay longer.

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