Escape to Gympie

Escape to Gympie


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Over the years I have driven past the city of Gympie several times but I have never stopped or even had the time to do so. So when I opportunity came to meet up with some friends there, I jumped at the idea. Over the years, I have heard about their devastating floods, so I wonder why people choose to live and work there - but it's obviously a service centre for the surrounding area.

My first stop was to have a sumptuous breakfast at the cafe at the Gold Mining and Historical Museum. The cafe is adorned with many interesting old world artifacts. Nearby there was a very busy Sunday market in progress. It's from this cafe that you purchase your tickets to visit the museum to learn about the history of gold mining.

Close by is the lovely Alford recreational park with plenty of seats so you can watch the many birds that reside in the lake. The bird count was highjacked by the Ibis, of course. Many of them were roosting in the trees on the small islands in the lake. There were also a few magnificent back swans who, when they flew, showed their beautiful white wings. These were not visible when they were on the ground. Near the park up on the roadside was a stunning statue in memorial of the gold miners who founded the city, way back in the mid-1800s. The finding of gold is reputed to be the one thing that saved Queensland.

Historic Mary street began as a site for the gold prospector's tents. Today, it is the main street with many restored historic buildings still in use today. The street is a combination of commercial businesses and all the usual shops one would find in such a place.

I took the well-signed tourist drive through the town but came to the conclusion that there were a lot of short streets and roundabouts. Not my favourite combination.

Gympie is also very famous for the Mary Valley Rattler. This is definitely on my list of things to do as I love steam trains. I do recommend a visit to Gympie, especially if you love history. There are so many old restored buildings - it is worth it just to view them.

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