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Posted 2019-09-05 by Elainefollow

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; What is an Escape Room?

If you had asked this Escape Room virgin this question a week ago, I would have been as much in the 'dark' as you! Now, after my first preamble into the quizzical world of Escape Rooms, I will try to explain the unexplainable, without giving away too many spoilers.

An Escape Room is an interactive adventure where participants work together, as a team, to find clues and solve puzzles to escape a room - and all of this is done within an allotted time period. Sound mind-boggling? That it is, plus … a heap load of fun, head-scratching and giggling, ensuring entertainment for all concerned. Get ready to put your thinking caps on - no pun intended - and prepare to catch a predator at large, a thief on the run or solve a possible global medical emergency.

We are so fortunate on the Sunshine Coast to have two locations - Caloundra and Mooloolaba - with an assortment of exciting Escape Rooms. Participants need not be concerned that repeat 'play' will result in 'boredom' as these very mysterious rooms are revamped and refreshed on a regular basis to ensure a new conundrum around every corner!

Choose your poison … oops, your mystery room quest:

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; The Basement | Mooloolaba

The newly opened Basement puts your team on the hunt for a serial thief. The team's assignment is to clear the basement. But … everything is not what it seems. Can your team solve the case, which has taken a very dangerous twist?

Skill level | medium (difficulty level 8/10)
Number of players | two to six
Time limit | 60 minutes
Age limit | 15 plus
Book your Basement assignment online here now

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; Quarantine | Mooloolaba

You and your team are sent to The Congo in Africa to solve the mystifying case of another possible Ebola outbreak. The team leader was sent out in advance, but has mysteriously disappeared. The team need to enter the Quarantine laboratory, where the disease is hopefully contained. To add fuel to fire, an airstrike has been ordered on the laboratory and the team has only one hour to solve the Ebola outbreak, to ensure that thousands of people are not killed during the airstrike.

Skill level | hard (difficulty level 9/10)
Number of players | two to six
Time limit | 60 minutes
Age limit | 15 plus
Book your Quarantine suspense online here now

Keep a lookout for the brand new Festival Room which will opening in Mooloolaba in November, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; Time Travellers Room | Caloundra

The Professor is missing and you and your friends need to find him. The electrics keep going out on campus - you and your team need to find out the why's and the wherefore's on how the mysterious machine in the centre of the Professor's workshop suddenly appeared and why! Enter the Time Travellers Room … if you dare!

Skill level | very hard (difficulty Level 9.5/10)
Number of players | two to twelve
Time limit | 60 minutes
Age limit | 8 plus
Book your Time Travel ticket online here now

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; The Dungeon | Caloundra

Adventuring in distant lands, you and your friends are found guilty of using the monarchs' name in vain. Your punishment is to be decided by the ruling king and you have only one hour before judgement is handed down. A passerby hands you a note and only when you and your friends are shackled in The Dungeon, do you have the opportunity to read the note. Blindfolded, you are taken to …

Skill level | easiest room (difficulty level 7/10) (with my newbie puzzle-solving skills, I should have started here)
Number of players | two to ten
Time limit | 60 minutes
Age limit | 8 plus
Book your Dungeon thrill online here now

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; The Conspiracy Room | Caloundra

So exciting! You and your rogue CIA team are on a mission to uncover, what we have all been suspicious of for decades - the proof that aliens and UFO's are, in fact, real! Your team needs to infiltrate a secure CIA bunker that is rumoured to hold cash, diamonds PLUS the necessary proof about the aliens. Can you retrieve it to bring down the CIA once and for all?

Skill level | hard level (difficulty level 9/10)
Number of players | two to four
Time limit | 60 minutes
Age limit | 8 plus
Book your Conspiracy Room adventure online here now

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; Outback Hell | Caloundra

You are travelling in the Australian Outback and stop to help an old lady change her flat tyre. You accept her offer of a cup of tea at her home, as a 'thank you' for your assistance. But, not all is as it seems … you wake up from a groggy sleep to find yourself awake, but trapped. Why can't you get out? And, what is that very annoying 'ticking' sound? Save your team from your own Outback Hell.

Skill level | medium level (difficulty 8/10)
Number of players | two to six
Time limit | 60 minutes
Age limit | 8 plus
Book your Outback Hell experience online here now

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Can you beat the record? For current 'game records', please click here.

& #9760 ;& #65039 ; Author's Verdict:

Wow! All I can say is expect the unexpected, add a dash of humour, a heap load of laughter, a sprinkle of 'thinking outside the box' plus a roomful of fun, and voila we have an Escape Room experience. Questees will get to enjoy a fabulous mind-challenging adventure, without the use of modern technology. It really is amazing what one can do when one puts one's mind to it! A tip from those in the know: "A child in your team is a great secret weapon" as children naturally have the ability for lateral thinking.

For corporate team-building, hen's, adults and/or children's birthday parties, or 'just because' would definitely be my go-to for an out-of-the-ordinary adventure experience. Good news: Gift Vouchers are also available!

Pit your wits against the clock and try the experience - your time starts now!

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